Iโ€™ve always been a big reader, but wow, the feeling of dread that used to creep into my soul whenever I was assigned a book report... For some reason, nothing felt more tedious.

But one awesome thing about being an educator is banishing the kinds of activities that were mind-numbing to you as a youngster. Hence, the book report template! This template demonstrates how technology and creative pedagogy can come together in a way that makes learning inspiring.

The focus of this book report template is The Watsons Go to Birmingham, but it really serves as a placeholder for showing you how to use the newsletter platform for a book review or author study. Each segment of the newsletter covers a different crucial aspect of assessing reading comprehension (plot, setting, characters, conflict, etc), but also taps into other ways of knowing and representing information. At the end, youโ€™ll find two resources filled with great ideas for creative book-reporting.

Happy teaching!

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Book Report Format Template