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4 Easy Ways to Keep Faculty & Staff Updated in Summer

Dr. Kara Stern
2 min read
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Keep up the practice of a weekly school newsletter to faculty in summer!

It provides continuity, shows that you care, and keeps your team up-to-date. While you’ve got crucial info to share during the school year, in summer, your faculty comms can have a chill vibe. Think of it as less “news you can use” and more “Hey, here’s what’s going on!”

Everyone wants to feel connected, inspired, and in the know — even while on vacation.

Tip #1: share something personal

Summer communications are a great time to share glimpses of your own life. Whether it’s a photo gallery of a trip you’ve taken, or your garden. A funny anecdote about your kids or your dog. Or a meme about how much sleep you’re getting!

Sharing really is caring — when you share details about your life, you’re helping your team feel connected to you.

Tip #2: share something about the building

Teachers put school out of their minds in summer… except for when they’re thinking about it! Include updates about summer cleaning, pics of summer construction, intros to new hires, selfies with alumni who’ve stopped by. Or even just pics of your dog in the office!

Help folks to stay connected to the building, even when they’re not in it.

Tip #3: share something inspirational

Link to a great article, share an inspirational quote, embed a meme that gets life at school just right. If you’ve got something longer than a paragraph, introduce it with a TL;DR (too long didn’t read). Then, folks can read your bullet point summary and decide for themselves if they want to read the full text.

It’s like summer PD, but no pressure!

Tip #4: Collect summer email addresses 😉

Save yourself from a cascade of out-of-office replies. If you send updates to teachers’ school addresses, likely most people won’t even see them until they’re back in the building. Collect people’s alternate email addresses so you’ve got a way to connect.

Low-stakes comms like this will help you build community & set a positive tone that’ll carry into the coming school year. Here’s a template to help you get started.

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Dr. Kara Stern

Dr. Kara Stern began her career as an ELA teacher, then shifted into administration as a middle school principal. Dr. Stern is a fervent advocate for equitable communication and family engagement. She spent five years as Executive Director at Math for America, where she designed the professional learning community that exists to this day. An unexpected move to Tel Aviv launched her into the world of EdTech where she became the Director of Education Content for Smore and then the Head of Education Solutions at SchoolStatus. Outside of work, she indulges her love for reading, devouring two novels weekly, with a particular fondness for heists and spy stories.

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