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Two Simple Steps to Better School Communication

David Leshaw
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As a school leader, it’s your responsibility to ensure the best possible conditions for student learning.

There are multiple ways to do so, each one important. The one that gets short shrift, however, might be the most important of all: communication. Oftentimes, leaders relegate communication to the role of follow-up. But doing this undermines one of the most effective tools leaders have for building trust and relationships. 

So, when you begin to sketch out your goals for school communication, the first one has to be this: 

1. Lead with communications

Leading with communications means being proactive and clear, addressing at the outset:

  • This is what’s happening
  • This is what’s coming down the pike
  • This is why coming to school is important
  • This is what I want you to focus on 
  • Here are some trends we’re noticing
  • Here’s what to do if your child needs support
  • Here’s what to do if you need support
  • Here’s something I could use your feedback on
  • Here’s how to get involved & this is why it’s important
  • Here are some accomplishments we’re proud of
  • Here’s how to translate this communication

But let’s get to the nitty gritty. How do you actually get that info across, especially considering people don’t really read anything? One simple way is with a weekly digital update.

A weekly digital newsletter:

  • Enables you to catch folks’ attention with photos
  • Is an efficient time-saver
  • Is easy to share across multiple platforms
  • Is translatable and accessible, ensuring everyone feels included.

Communicating consistently, proactively, and inclusively builds trust in your community, and trust is an essential factor in student success.

2. Model good communication practices

Did you know, that after teachers, school leaders have the biggest impact on student learning? True story! In your communications, in addition to educating families about why attendance is important or how to support their children, you are modeling productive communication for families and for your team. 

Your weekly faculty update and your weekly family update accomplish the following:

  1. Model how you want teachers to communicate with families in their weekly classroom updates
  2. Model how you want families to communicate with teachers 
  3. Build trust with both constituent groups
  4. Improve learning outcomes

We’ve got three great templates to get you started: Principal Weekly Update to Families,  Principal Weekly Faculty Update, and a Classroom Newsletter template to share with your team so they can get cracking on proactive communication. 

Go ahead! Get started today.

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