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Aug 28, 2023

Sending out a Meet the Teacher template to families or students is a great way to start building those all important student-teacher relationships. It gives students an opportunity to get to know you in a way that feels personal (but also in a manner totally controlled by you!)

Jan 18, 2024

Getting parents & caregivers to read updates is a challenge! Here's a handful of resources to help with educators' communications pain points.

Mar 26, 2024

We’re excited to share two new features that we’ve released this month: Header translation & improved newsletter sorting. These updates make it easier to stay organized and engage all families!

Iowa City Community School District logo.

“One of the best parts of Smore is that it is so incredibly simple and not overwhelming for even the most beginning user. Anyone can truly create custom, professional newsletters.”

Headshot of Joan Deprenger.
Joan DePrenger
Teacher Librarian, Iowa City Community School District
Wichita Falls WFISD logo.

“My ultimate goal would be for the district as a whole to be using it as a communication tool for parents. Once you can get something that’s consistent across different campuses in different classrooms, then your parents know what to expect, and they know how to find it easily.”

Headshot of Ashley Thomas.
Ashley Thomas
Communications Officer, Wichita Falls ISD
Golden Elementary School logo.

“Before Smore, it was hard to get information out to all families. Now, I not only reach all families but love seeing their interactions with them! Smore is amazing!”

Christina Sabala
Teacher, John L. Golden Elementary School
Magnolia Independent School District logo.

“Newsletters look professional, they’re beautiful, you can create different templates. It’s easy to use and the analytics are very valuable.”

Headshot of Liz Lubeskie.
Denise Myers
Executive Director of Communications/PR, Magnolia ISD
Yakima School District logo.

“Smore requires very little training because it’s so intuitive and super easy to apply branding and it’s affordable.”

Headshot of Kristen Fitterer.
Kirsten Fitterer
Executive Director of Communications & Engagement, Yakima School District
Manheim Central logo.

“I can’t even think of any other tool that does a better job. And then it also looks amazing and professional.”

Liz Lubeskie
Secondary Coordinator of Online Learning & Tech Integration, Manheim Central School District
Webster Middle School logo.

“Before Smore, I struggled with a method to communicate with my staff in a concise way. Now I have a fun way to share ideas and information.”

Headshot of Michael Frazier.
Michael Frazier
Assistant Principal, Webster School District
Woodford County Public Schools logo.

“Before Smore, I was spending 2-3 hours getting caught up in the formatting and organization of my newsletters. Now I have created a system that helps me spend 30 minutes on my newsletter. Smore helps me stay organized and provides great ideas about topics to share with our families!”

Headshot of Rebecca Preston.
Rebecca Preston
Principal, Woodford County Public Schools
Broward County Public Schools Logo.
Alberta School Boards Association Logo.
CMS Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Logo.
Conroe Independent School District Logo.
NYC Department of Education Logo.