The lead-up to Thanksgiving offers optimal opportunities for teaching students key values and communication skills: how to give thanks and express gratitude.

A Thanksgiving Newsletter

Thanksgiving itself is an interesting study in communication — how a holiday gets articulated over time — and the first article in our Thanksgiving Newsletter explores the history of the holiday. It’s a great read! The school newsletter is followed by two blog posts with ideas about how to teach the history of the commemorative day rather than the myth.

Next up is a section on communicating gratitude — activities and ideas for how to express thanks for one another, for the many gifts in our lives, and a charitable activity for any age group to bring a little light to those who are alone on the holiday.

Celebrating with a School Newsletter

Lastly, we celebrate you, the educators! That feeling of freedom you get when you leave school for the Thanksgiving long weekend, amirite?! To add to your holiday, we’ve got some awesome recipes for side dishes, for cocktails, and a playlist to keep you inspired while you cook. Speaking of music, the school newsletter finishes up with our message of thanks to you for the hard and important work you do, delivered to you via Natalie Merchant.

Have a festive, delicious, joyous, happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving newsletter to celebrate a happy thanksgiving with a school newsletter