If equality means everyone has the same opportunity, equity means everyone has access to exactly what they need to succeed. This is just as true for the tech tools we use in our schools or classrooms as anything else!

We try to simplify your life by creating grab n’ go templates filled with engaging resources for lessons and units on topics of relevance. This template focuses on how to achieve tech equity for your students.

An overview of what this looks like

The first article in the template offers a fantastic roadmap for how to go about assessing your school or classroom tech plan. This is followed by an interview with STEM instructional coach Victoria Thompson, who shares her expertise about tech tools that promote equity.

The next section of the template provides links to the resources that Victoria discusses in the interview, followed by a link to a set of accessible tech resources for students with different learning needs.

Putting it all together

Finally, we share an article in which one tech director details how his Pennsylvania school district undertook a tech equity overhaul, and what that looked like. This article even includes advice on how to find the funds to accomplish your goals.

Here’s to our students’ success!

Tech Equity in Schools and Districts