Spring Tips for Smore Users: How to Make your Content Blossom

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Contributed by: Jacquinette D. Murphy

As we enjoy the spring months, we invite you to make your newsletter blossom by integrating these fresh ideas! Make your newsletter BOLDvibrant and attractive to your audiences.

Make a Statement! Use Strong Headlines — Use the Title function to display the headers for your articles to catch the eyes of your readers. Be sure to select the title option that is separate from the article body text to create a main title or section header. This causes it to be centered, bold and stand away from the rest of the article and not be automatically justified. The title option that is in the article text box can be used for subtitles or highlight text. (Tip: Catchy, creative titles are also a good idea!)


Break It Up! Break it Up! — If you have a lot of information to share with your audience on a consistent basis you may consider creating section headers that are consistent with each edition of the newsletter.

If you have a lot of information to share with your audience on a consistent basis you may consider creating section headers that are consistent with each edition of the newsletter.”

You can organize it according to the type of information such as actions, information and calendar items to cater to those who read for specific information or you can, place you can place it into…area categories — district and campus news. Whatever your choice, be sure that your readers know where to quickly find their desired information.

Go BIG! Use Images with a Purpose: Don’t just say it, show it! Strategic image placement is one of the key elements that will enhance the attractiveness of your newsletter. You can choose a large horizontal image as your visual

header to your story and place it right under your title. It will visually connect the reader to your article.

Another idea is to insert a large photo or use a three, picture gallery to break up longer text pieces. Think of it as a well-illustrated story book with pictures on the pages. The pictures are like a Kit-Kat bar, they give your eyes a break!

Videos are valuable additions: People like moving images so take your next edition to the next level and add a video to make people excited to see your newsletter pop into their inbox!

It is great to use a video platform that is supported by Smore so you can just grab the link that will allow the video to be added in the newsletter where you can see the full screen preview.

🎥 Lights! Camera! #Smorinio! Stay tuned for exciting videos, coming up! #tspra19 #campcommunication #schoolpr #betterwithsmore

Smore (@SmoreNewsletter) February 20, 2019

A video is a great way to conclude a written piece. It allows the user to visually remember the article.

Also, if your organization has a key message or promotional video, it can be placed at the bottom of the newsletter as a mainstay, like an electronic boilerplate.

Videos are a great way to increase audience engagement with your newsletter.

Smore is a great platform to share news and information in a creative way with your audience. Just like a gardener nurtures the soil to get a beautiful bed of spring flowers. Nurture your newsletter, keep the content fresh and relevant and watch your readership blossom!

About the author: Jacquinette D. Murphy is a veteran K-12 school communication and public relations professional who won the Texas School Public Relations Association’s Medal for the Best Internal E-Newsletter in 2018 in her role as the Lancaster ISD Coordinator of Internal Communications & Strategic Marketing.

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