Is there a better way to share your experiences than with a video? As much as we love writing (and we do!) if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a Facebook video must be worth a whole bunch of paragraphs.

This is why we’re excited to let you know that we’ve added the ability to embed Facebook videos into your newsletters! Imagine being able to get your readers involved one step further in your creations by sharing your exciting new announcements or achievements vividly and easily. Well, now you can!

Facebook is a pretty darn big social network, and as our very own Ohad Maishar, Head of Engineering, noted, “Our users needed this feature. Facebook has become one of the primary ways that people share videos, and so we listened to our users who asked us to support content from there.”

In addition to Facebook video, Smore makes it simple to add content from YouTube and Vimeo, as well. Go ahead, add a movie or two!

We know privacy is important, especially when it comes to communicating with your colleagues, staff, students or even parents. Facebook video sharing allows you to preserve your privacy settings and then simply paste the link of your video straight into your newsletter! And there’s no need to worry about accidentally making your video public….

Here are just a few things you can accomplish with this feature:

  • Share cool things you’ve done at your school such as revamping the Library or basketball court
  • Announce tournament results and post sports games
  • Share school performances!
  • New staff members — no better way to introduce the new geography teacher than with a complimentary vid!

It’s all about sharing your video in the same familiar way you update your status on Facebook. It’s just an easy one stop shop!

When you’re working to communicate the important things, spending time on logistics such as video formatting can be frustrating. Facebook video is compatible with Smore’s newsletters and so you can just go ahead and upload your video right away, without any extra work! Easy peasy lemon squeezy 🍋.

We’re just so excited for you to enjoy this new feature… So, you bring the Facebook video and we’ll bring the popcorn ?