Leapin’ leprechauns, have you got anything planned for St. Patrick’s Day, besides making sure to find a green shirt or 4-leaf clover earrings? If not, our St. Patrick’s Day template is a little pot of gold for you.

Our goal is to simplify your life by creating grab n’ go templates filled with engaging resources and ideas for lessons and units. Mindful of the circumstances in which schools are operating these days, there are resources in all of our templates for both distance and in-person learning.

For St. Patty’s, we’ve got a little history of the holiday, plus some classroom activities for in-person and for Zoom. This is followed by a great collection of facts about Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day from National Geographic Kids, plus a little culture — what’s an Irish holiday without step dancing and fiddlers?! If you’re curious about the Irish language, we’ve got a pronunciation chart for you, and lastly, as always, some recipes. After all, what’s a holiday without its ritual repasts?

May the road rise to meet you 🍀

Saint Patrick's Day Template for Teachers and Educators