Creating a December Newsletter for Faculty and Families

The month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is always a challenge! Between Secret Santa hijinks, students’ energized (I chose that word carefully) anticipation of holidays and vacation, and the sudden influx of baked goods, well, it might be the most sugar-high/gluten-induced coma time of the year lol.

But holidays themselves offer interesting avenues for investigation and discovery. This holiday template aims to help you with just that. You’ll find links to all kinds of info about how and what the rest of the world celebrates in December, along with the history of some of those holidays in relation to the sun, moon, seasons, and harvest.

Too tired to come up with lessons or projects about the holidays? Not to worry. We’ve got some here, in the holiday newsletter, along with a blog post you can share with families for easy vacation enrichment activities.

Lastly, vacation should be a time for renewal, and we’ve got a list of suggestions for how you can up your cookie game, Netflix and relax, or just take care of you. Wishing you a joyful holiday season and a restful vacation.

Celebrate with this Holiday Template!

Holiday Newsletter or Holiday Template for December School Holidays