I’ve led some parent-teacher conferences that were real doozies. I’m sure you can relate...😜 Communicating all that we have to say about students in a short amount of time, some of it challenging, is not easy — not to mention the endurance test of the day, itself!

An October Newsletter for Parent-Teacher Conferences

This year, many schools will be conducting parent conferences remotely. Since some parents and caregivers won’t be accessible by video conference, we’ve gone ahead and created a parent-teacher conference form template for you. You can access the October newsletter here. Why a school newsletter for a conference form? It’s personal, engaging, and interactive. Additional bonus? Caregivers can translate your feedback into their home language, if different from English.

So, what’s in the October newsletter? It kicks off with a text block for a paragraph about your class or the student, accompanied by an inspiring quote. Next, you’ll find a helpful post on how to best prepare for conferences, followed by an example of how to use the photo gallery widget to discuss student work.

The middle of the template is dedicated to your feedback on the student — placeholders to discuss the essential aspects of student success in schools, followed by a blog post that offers clear, concrete suggestions for how to share feedback with families that might be hard for them to hear.

School psychologist Michael G. Thompson talks about the importance of starting the school year by asking parents about their hopes and fears for their child. Accordingly, we’ve got a sample google form that solicits parent input. Lastly, parents & caregivers always appreciate a resource that helps them support their child’s success, so feel free to use the one we’ve included, or replace with your own.

Make Your Own Parent-Teacher October Newsletter

Wishing you smooth sailing on conference day.

Parent Teacher Conference Template for October Newsletter