Sending out a Meet the Teacher template to families or students is a great way to start building those all important student-teacher relationships. It gives students an opportunity to get to know you in a way that feels personal (but also in a manner totally controlled by you!)

To help you with a sudden attack of blank page syndrome, we’ve put together a Meet the Teacher template for you -- all you have to do is click to personalize and share.

📸 Use pictures to share your personality

The template starts with a text box for you to write an opening message, along with some prompts for how to get started. Sharing some pictures of your pets, children, hobbies, or home is a great way to help your students feel connected to you. Maybe you’d like to alert parents to important events coming up soon, so we’ve added in an event block for Meet the Teacher Night.

Everyone’s curious about what they’ll be learning in the year to come, so we’ve added another photo gallery with some ideas for letting students peek into their new classroom and at topics they’ll be studying.

👩‍🎓 Use the template to get to know your students, too

In the last part of our meet the teacher template, we’ve got a couple of important forms (suggestions only!): a pdf of the schedule for the first day of school and a google “get to you know” form, so that not only can your students learn about you, but you can learn about them.

And last but so essential, include a photo of yourself along with your contact information.

You can get started by clicking here, and why not start now? No time like the present — research shows that the more you communicate home, the more you ensure your students’ success :) Wishing you a happy and productive year!

Free Meet the Teacher Template