Earth Day 2021 is upon us! This year’s theme is Restore Our Earth, and as spring busts out all around us, it’s the perfect time to think about what steps each of us can take to protect the big blue marble we call home. Enjoy these Earth Day activities for kids!

Our goal is to simplify your life by creating grab n’ go templates filled with engaging resources for lessons and units. This template is all about Earth Day, what to teach, sing, and eat!

Earth Day!
Earth Day!Theme for 2021: Restore Our Earth

A wealth of teaching resources has all the resources a teacher or school might need to celebrate Earth Day, from any subject area or thematic perspective, and for all ages. We’ve shared two links with you; one for in-person learning, and one for remote.

One of the things we think about when it comes to Earth Day is “what can I actually do to make a difference?” Well, the folks at National Geographic have pulled together a list of simple actions we can take -- this could make for an excellent classroom challenge!

Take out your guitar!

Fun to have a playlist while you’re out cleaning highways or planting seeds with your students, and we’ve got a great list of songs by well-known bands for older kids, and the classic Pete Seeger song “Garbage,” sung by Oscar the Grouch. And while we’re on the topic of music, when you combine Earth Day with National Poetry Month, you’ve got all the material you need for making literary art.

Finally, teaching kids about sustainable and healthy eating is part and parcel of Earth Day. We’ve shared one recipe with you.

Here’s to a healthy world!

Earth Day Activities for Kids Template