Awesome Online Tools for Educators

David Leshaw
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Get inspired

Wish you could take your students to more museums, explore our galaxy from your own classroom or just get them more interested in historical events? There are some fascinating websites that offer just that! The Google Art Project will let you peek inside museums and virtually visit live exhibitions all over the world. The 100,000 stars project is a chrome add-on and website that offers an interactive 3D map of our galaxy. Students will feel like they’re touring the skies themselves! “Bridging World History” is another project that uses video and audio content to teach world history, along with activities, lesson plans and glossaries. Learn about human migration, early belief systems, and more.

All of these great tools give your students a unique perspective and make teaching more engaging for everyone!

Take your teaching to the next level

Now that you are inspired, use these everyday tools to easily create lesson plans, assignments, reading material and more for your students. Bonus: it’s all free online.

Looking for some interesting reading material to include in your lesson plans? Take a look at the Poetry Archive containing over 10 thousand poems that are easily searchable. Project Gutenberg and International Children’s Digital Library also provide numerous free eBooks for children and adults. Project Gutenberg specializes in the classics, while the international children’s library includes books in multiple languages. Youtube Edu is another great resource that is filled with educational videos; including Sesame street, TIME magazine and more. Finally, CK-12 is a one-stop shop for lesson plans and free textbooks in any subject.

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