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Bringing MERGE To Our School!

It's Spring Break, Van Meter!

North Dakota Library Association

Fairfield, CA

Van Meter Library Pop-Up PD's

Fresno County

Lake Washington School District

We Are Future Ready Librarians!

We Are Future Ready Librarians!

TECHnovate STX, August 2018

2018 Hawaii Library Conference

Well Red!

The Places We Go

Fueling Future Ready Librarians!

My Trip To India

Virtual Monthly Pinterest Parties

On the third week 'til New Year's,

Holiday PebbleGo Trivia!

On The 5 Weeks 'Til New Year's,

We Are Future Ready Librarians!

We Are Future Ready Librarians!

We Are Future Ready Librarians!

This Is Your Year!

Authors who Skype Free!!

Back-to-School In The Library

Lead From The Library

Lead From The Library

12 Ways To Be Connected

Calling All Kids!

Cantata Learning Fun!

Cantata Learning Teaching Notes

Let's Celebrate The Holidays

Media Rich Schools Inservice

My Smore Flyer

My Smore Flyer

A Special Invitation For You!

Calling All Kid Authors!

A Special Invitation For You!


My Dream Vacation!

Global Warming

Let's Celebrate Our Community!

Safety. Safety. Safety.

Check Out Our Makerspace!

World Read Aloud Day At Van Meter

"Banding Together" Project

Authors Month!

"Hour of Code" Week

My Teacher Librarian Gave To Me...

Technical Difficulties Library Club

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Dot Day Photo Booth Fun

The Places We Go

Let's Learn & Practice Keyboarding!

Let's Get Our Learning On!

Van Meter Library Voice Newsletter

Let's Learn About MackinVIA!

Hey Van Meter!

First Annual Poetry Summit

Iowa Animal Research Project

Our Students Are Going Google!

"The Hobbit" Infographic Project

Standards-Based Grading Conference

Need A Babysitter?

Van Meter Library Voice Monthly