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Summer Learning In Lake Shore

Michigan Computer Science

Advanced Schoology Training

Celebrating Teachers!

Essential Literacy Practices

LSPS Continuous Learning Plan PD

Connecting With Students

Online Instruction

Transformation of Instruction

We Need You

Play in Education

Student Voice in Education Issues

2020 Reading Challenge

Writing as a 21st Century Skill

Innovating Practice

Putting "Community" in Engagement

LSPS Transformation Tour

Educator Shortage - #MichED chat

Celebrating Our Freedom to Read

"Launch" Michigan

Constitution Day

Welcome Back!

Secondary Science

Planning for Exceptional Students


"STEAM"ing into the New Year

PD in the D(ia)!

Secondary Number Talks

Secondary Social Studies

Elementary Back-to-School PD

Secondary ELA August 28th PD

Scenario Response

Management Team Retreat 8/8/19

Transformation Workshop

Transformation Focus 2019/2020

Portrait of a Graduate

K-5 Math Units

Everyone is a STE(A)M Teacher!

Teachers as Trusted Voices

Learning - Like Riding a Bike

Intentionally Designed

More than a month!


LOVE on a Snow Day

February #MichED Chats

Ice Day Challenge

Digital Citizenship

It's Too Cold To Build A Snowman!

Snow Day Challenge

Assistive Technology for UDL

Hello 2019!

2019 Reading Challenge

Literature Circles Training

Transforming Instruction

The Pursuit of Happiness

SeeSaw Workshop

Welcome Mason Public Schools

No Fear! #MichED Chat

Showing UP - Attendance Matters

Tech Integration:

#MichED Meet Up

"Making" in the Classroom

What School Could Be

Welcome Back 2018/19

Elementary Curriculum

Secondary Tech Goals 2018-19

Year End Celebration!

PBL Site Visit and Coaching

Healthy Grading Practices

Is it Spring?

Professional Learning Networks

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Journeys Unit Planning

Student Led Change

Student Created Content


Lake Shore Choice PD

Teaching Black History


Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Curriculum and Teacher Autonomy

2018 Reading Challenge

Teach to Lead

Keeping Our Sanity