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Mª Jesús Garcia San Martin

Mª Jesús Garcia San Martin

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Technical and Pedagogical Advisor at the National Institute for Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF) in the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Master’s Degree Teacher at University Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) in Madrid.

Online Teacher Trainer at the Virtual School by Castilla-La Mancha.

Over the last 30 years, I have been an ESL teacher at various levels, private centres and state-run Schools of Languages, I have coordinated the MALTED Educational Project for INTEF, and the online ‘Editing Web Pages with Dreamweaver’ course at Mentor Virtual Classroom. I have broadcasted educational series of podcasts for the state-run Network of Best Educational IT Practices as well as for EducaconTIC, managed the National Blog on IT and Foreign Languages for INTEF, contributed to the Spanish state-run WikiDidácTICa, Agrega (educational open source resource bank by the Spanish Ministry of Education), and Internet en el Aula, where I was in charge of hosting weekly educational webinars at Wiziq.
I currently write my Stop and Learn English blog. From time to time I contribute to the MOOC Observatory for UniMOOC, Cero en Conducta (Professional Social Network on Media Literacy and Audiovisual Language) and The Observatory for Technological and Educational Innovation (ODITE).

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