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Wrapping Up Ancient Cultures

Ancient Rome and Buddhist Art

Meet The Romans

Greeks, Etruscans, Romans

This Week in Art History

Ancient Egypt

Our First Unit

Intro to Art History

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back

Cue Cards

Street Art

Back At It

AP Review Week

Last Week of New Content

April 14 to 18

April 6 to April 12

Romanticism to Realism

Baroque Art

Complete List of Artworks

Short and Sweet

High Renaissance Art

Half and Half Drawings

The Renaissance

Goodbye Middle Ages!

Pacing Guide Survey

Quarter 3

End of Semester 1

Beginning with Romanesque Art

Complete List of Artworks

Welcome Back from Winter Break!

Winter Break

Intro to Early Christian Art

Early Christian Art

The Lindisfarne Gospels

A New Pictorial Language

Early Christian Art and Unit Test

Buddhist Art

Late Empire

High Empire


Rome, Rome, Rome

Getty Villa Trip

Meet the Romans

Quarter 1 is Coming to a Close...

Etruscan Art

Continuing Greece

Ancient Greece

AP Art History

Notebook, Cue Cards, Unit Test!

2 Units - 1 Week!

Success in Unit 1