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Julie Adamic

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Happenings at JHCS

Kindergarten Registration

Happenings at JHCS

Happenings at JHCS

Happenings at JHCS

Meet Mrs. Grabert

Join us for Curriculum Night

Happenings at JHCS

Happenings at JHCS

Comic Carn 2019

August/September Happenings

May Happenings at JHCS

April Happenings

March Happenings at JHCS

Happenings at JHCS

Happenings at JHCS

JHCS Upcoming Events

Renaissance Feast

Halloween at JHCS

Come to ComicCarn!

PE Uniform

September Happenings

Meet our new librian

First Day of School!

Come to Back to School Night

Come to Back to School Night!

Winter at JHCS

Parent/Teacher Conferences

John Hancock Charter School

Back to School Night!

Spirit Week

Renaissance Feast

Details about next week

Come to our event!

Come to ComicCarn

Back To School Night

JHCS Spring Concert

JHCS Dance Festival

Colonial Day

Physics Day at Lagoon

Earth Day

Hamlet by Shakespeare Festival

Inspirations Art Competition

JHCS Barnes & Noble BookFair

Halloween Celebrations at JHCS

Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences

Social Leadership

Scratch Computer Programming at CGA

Drop off & Pick up Procedures

Scratch Programming Class

Lunchroom Rules

Join us for Comic Carn!

Back to School Night