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Joelle Norwood

Joelle Norwood

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About Joelle and The Media Mama Agency http://www.TheMediaMama.com
We are new media adventurers, explorers and conquistadors of the world wide web. How did we become this. Technology infiltrated traditional media, the launchpad of our first careers, and we embraced it as early adopters. Storytelling hasn’t changed. Technology has. In a big way. Because we grew with technology at companies like Disney, Paramount Studios, CBS, MTV, Entertainment Tonight and others, we work today with companies like Zappos Couture, Ustream, will.i.am’s Dipdive and AOL. Today we run the social media 360 for digital web series like The Trend TV Show, and we create web design and website strategy for your small business so you can compete with the biggies.

So remember your favorite childhood book? Chances are it was simple, good versus evil, love conquers all. Whether you are selling candle sticks or cakes, the same simple strategies apply to growing your brand online. We know how to get you branded and discovered online. Stop driving yourself craaaazeeeeee trying to do it all… and stop wasting your valuable time. Learn how to effectively leverage technology to redefine your brand and penetrate the market. We believe in meshing the tried and true marketing strategies with the new world of the web and social. At The Media Mama Design Studio we listen first. We isolate your goals from your challenges, your dreams from your daily grind. We even let you whine a bit, but then we stop you, because once you have the tools to understand and manage the complex world of social media using our 360 degree approach, the world wide web marketplace is yours to conquer.
Joelle Norwood, aka the Media Mama is a self-trained social media expert and founder of The Media Mama Agency that creates integrated branded web solutions. The Media Mama agency provides web/blog design, video production and social media marketing and manages YouTube/Facebook/Twitter accounts for clients ranging from fashion bloggers Fabulous After 40 to The Trend @Zappos Couture to bestselling authors and YouTube superstars with 5 million plus viewers.

Joelle and the Media Mama team’s approach to increasing visibility and marketing online is one part old fashion marketing know how, one part guerilla-style fun social media marketing and one part veteran TV producer who understands branding and how to connect with audiences.

Before starting her agency, Joelle worked for 30+ years behind the camera she knows exactly how to connect people with their audiences. A few years ago, watching a citizen journalist interview Sarah Palin with a flip camera, Joelle had a “aha” moment. that today everyone is now a broadcaster – technology has leveled the playing. From that moment on Joelle started to video blog on YouTube about “How to use video and the power of YouTube to connect with audiences around the world”. Today thousands of viewers watch her funny, unconventional videos about Joining the New Norm on YouTube.
Joelle is an Emmy award winning producer and has interviewed such celebrities as Oprah, Angelina Jolie and Mick Jagger. She’s worked with CBS, Disney, MTV and ET. Joelle now focuses this experience and talent on showing brands and entrepreneurs how to create the right message for their business to develop new customers (now known as your Tribe) and nurture existing customers (now known as your future Peeps). Joelle regularly speaks at conferences about “Joining The New Norm” and is available to consult with your company on advanced marketing techniques.

So let’s catch-up over one of my much-loved lattes and chat it up via Skype, phone or email.

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