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Israel Tech Challenge

Israel Tech Challenge

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Back-End Instructor

Data Science Instructor

Technological Interviewer

Cyber Security Course Checker

Content & Marketing Manager

Product and R&D Team Lead

Head of Fellows Program

Data School Tech Lead

Grant Writer

React Tech Assistant

Learning Operations Manager

Data Engineering Coordinator

Spark Instructor

Deep Learning Instructor

Full Stack Training Specialist

Tech Placement Specialist

Coding Bootcamp Program Director

Python Instructor

HTML/CSS Instructor

Full Stack Teacher Assistant

Fellows Program Director

Full Stack Web Dev. Tech Lead

Cyber Security Tech Lead

Fellows Program Coordinator

Office and Campus Manager

Statistics Instructor

Admissions Manager

Data Science Tech Lead

Global BizDev Specialist

Customer Success Representative

Design Verification Tech Mentor

Business Development Representative

Technical Recruiter

Students’ Recruiter

Data Science Checker

Digital Marketing Specialist

HR Manager

Teacher Assistant

ITC US Director

Data Science Training Specialist

Head of Marketing & Recruitment

Summer Program Coordinator

Coding Bootcamp Program Director

Tech Lead - Design Verification

Jerusalem Program Director

Office Manager

HR Manager

Fellows Operations Coordinator

Recruitment & Screening Manager

Head of Education

Back-End Teacher

Head of Operations

Enrollment specialist

Enrollment Specialist

Teacher Assistant

Full Stack Teachers

Front End Teacher

Technological Mentor

Screening Manager

Head of Marketing

Technological placement manager

Personal Assistant for CEO

Program Director

Front End Teacher

BootCamp Manager

Enrollment specialist