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Adler Youth Programs

Adler Youth Programs

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Take Off with Operation Airlift!

Summer Camp Assistant

2019 Adler Summer Teen Internships

Take Off with Operation Airlift!

Science Speaks Chicago

Adler Youth Voice Project

2018 Adler Summer Teen Internships

ChiTeens Hack 2017

Get Paid to Make Video Games!

Come Search for Sunken Meteorites!

Hack Labs 2017

2017 Adler Summer Teen Internships

Youth Organization for Lights Out


Mini-Micro Game Jam

Youth Organization for Lights Out


Teen Opportunities at Adler

Adler Teens Hangouts 2016-17

Game-Making Workshops

Adler Hack Labs

Random Hacks of Kindness Jr.

Random Hacks of Kindness Junior

Adler's Code Your Own Adventure

Code Your Own Adventure

Apply to be an Astro-Journalist!

Adler Web-Making Workshops

Adler Teens 2015 Fall Fiesta

Adler Teens Hangouts 2015-16

2015 Adler Summer Teen Internships

Teen Web-Making Workshops

Adler Teens Afterschool Hangouts!

HackLabs: Data in Difficult Places

Science Leadership Corps

2014 Adler Summer Internships

The Adler STEM SMARTS Scholars

Adler Teens Fall Hang-Out!

Web-Making Workshops at the Adler

#AdlerTeens Fall Opportunities

Adler Community Bash Tonight!

Teen Interns Open the Adler!

Adler Youth Civic Hack Day


Teen Volunteers @ the Adler!

The Adler STEM SMARTS Scholars