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  1. We made improvements to auto-translation on Smore
  2. It’s now easier to sort and rank your past newsletters 
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Smore is proud to help everyone from school superintendents to trailblazing teachers connect and engage with families, and we’re excited to share some updates to our platform that will make it easier than ever to build and send newsletters. 

Improved Translation

We’ve made improvements to our newsletter translation feature! The recipients of your newsletters can now select an option to translate your content in a web browser. Your newsletter headers and body text will both be translated into the recipient’s preferred language—so you can easily connect with your entire audience. This feature is now active for all published newsletters the Smore portal (your existing newsletters must be republished to activate this feature). 

Sort and Rank Newsletters
It’s easier than ever to manage your Smore newsletters. You can now sort and rank newsletters in your account by fields like creation date, title, views, and more. Looking for a specific issue of your newsletter? Want to see which content is catching attention? Filter your newsletters in just a few clicks. Get the information you need, quick and easy. 

Over a million people around the world turn to Smore to create beautiful, responsive newsletters, and we’re always working to bring you new and innovative ways to communicate and stay connected with your audiences.

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