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Weekly Update ~ 10/19/2018

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Capital Projects Levy Information: Election Day - 11/6/2018

Technology Infrastructure:

Our students live in a digital world and they use technology every day to access classroom resources, complete assignments, and to learn at their own pace. Our teachers and staff use technology to meet the educational needs of our students and we are preparing our students for our modern world.

Much of this technology has been funded by our expiring M&O levy. The past levy has supported student and staff computers, the wireless network for the entire school, school district servers, classroom projectors, and document cameras, and technology support staff.

Since the introduction of HB2242, the State cap on local levy limits means that this funding is cut.

Funding from a Capital Projects Levy is needed to help support this aspect of our educational program.

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Link to Capital Levy FAQ's on our website:



    • Chris Reykdal, OSPI Superintendent, met with regional superintendents this Thursday. The following key points were shared:

      1. Chris Reykdal shared that OSPI was “too hesitant on providing guidance on salary legislation” (It came out in late August). He apologized for all of the difficulty this caused in negotiating with the differing understanding of what could and could not be done with salary increases.
      2. Many districts across the state are going to be in financial difficulties in the next few years. Four-year budgeting shows that many will have no cash reserves left in 3-4 years without changes in state funding or deep cuts.
      3. SEBB (our new statewide health care system for educators) could have significant financial impacts on school districts. It might also be delayed for one year.
      4. The OSPI proposed budget has increased levy authority, a capital gains tax, and $400M dedicated funding for school nurses, counselors and SPED.
      5. Levy equalization might be increased for small rural districts as a means of helping rural districts. Rural districts had a greater negative budget impact than in urban areas due to levy, property values, and regionalization.
      6. Most of the current capital budget is allocated to urban areas. He is proposing methods with grants to get more of this money to rural districts.
      7. He supports allowing more district creativity with the 180 school day rules.

    • We have been working with Forecast5 to come up with easy to read and understand financial graphs for our web page. We want our staff and community to understand our district's finances and this is one of the steps in achieving this broader understanding.

    • The first meeting to work on the district’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) was held on Tuesday. We were able to get a good start on the plan and set in motion the process by which the plan will be reviewed and customized for the district. We appreciate the time and efforts of those serving on the committee in this important work. The next meeting is set for October 30 at 5:00 PM.

    • As we continue to do our jobs in providing a safe and secure place for students and staff, it’s good to be reminded of our policy (#4310) regarding our relationship with law enforcement and other government agencies. I’ve included the policy language in its entirety:

    • District Relationships with Law Enforcement and other Government Agencies

      District staff bear the primary responsibility for maintaining proper order and conduct in the schools. Staff will be responsible for holding students accountable for infractions of school rules, which may include violations of the law occurring during school hours or at school activities.

      When there is substantial threat to the health and safety of students or others, such as in the case of bomb threats, mass demonstrations with threat of violence, individual threats of substantial bodily harm, trafficking in prohibited drugs or controlled substances (including marijuana/cannabis) the scheduling of events where large crowds may be difficult to handle, law enforcement or other government agencies will be called upon for assistance. Information regarding major violations of the law will be communicated to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

      The district will strive to develop and maintain cooperative working relationships with law enforcement and other government agencies. The superintendent will meet with law enforcement, child protective authorities, and health department officials to establish agreed upon procedures. Such procedures should address the handling of child abuse and neglect allegations and cases, the handling of bomb threats, arrests by law enforcement officers on school premises, the availability of law enforcement personnel for crowd control purposes, the processes for investigating possible criminal activity involving students, reporting of communicable disease cases and investigations and other matters that affect school, law enforcement and other agency cooperation. Such procedures will be made available to affected staff and periodically revised.

    • Students and Parents also have rights in this area, and we have a role in helping to protect these rights. Policy and Procedure 3226, Interviews and Interrogations of Students on School Premises, states these rights. I have attached these two documents to the email.

    District Culture and Climate

    • I often have to remind myself how difficult it is to communicate clearly.
    • Author Robert McCloskey stated this principle well when he said:

      "I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant".

      It also reminds me of one of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits; Seek to Understand, Then to be Understood.

    College, Career, Life Readiness

    • Our 11-12 grade students traveled to Omak this week for a region-wide career fair.

    Parent and Community Engagement

    • The monthly Migrant/Bilingual meeting focus this month was on health. Visitors from the hospital, the Family Health Centers, and the ESD were at the meeting. Karina M. and I were able to visit with parents about the capital projects levy. I just sat there most of the time and Karina did the talking - Thanks, Karina!

    Creative and Innovative

    • Congratulations Pooty Dagnon for your recent grant award for a North Central Education Foundation Teacher Classroom Grant for $300 for your decoupage project.

    • Congratulations Kim Fitzthum for your recent North Central Education Foundation Teacher Classroom Grant award for $300 for your “Electrifying Paper Circuits” project.


    • The district participated in the Great Washington Shake-out earthquake drill on Thursday. The buildings also did an evacuation immediately following the drill. An exit that is often used was blocked for the evacuation segment of the drill. In the actual event of an earthquake, it could be a real possibility that not all exits are accessible, so the staff and students were able to practice a more realistic scenario.

    • Reminder on soft lockdown procedures. During a soft lockdown:
      1. No student or staff are permitted to leave the classroom.

      2. Instruction inside the classroom continues as normal.

      3. All doors and windows are locked.

      4. During passing time, lunch, or other activity: students need to follow instructions delivered via the intercom on where to go.

      5. Administrators check hallways.

      6. Soft lockdown remains in effect until the “all clear” is announced.

    • The November 6th General Election is around the corner. Ballots should be in the mail today.
    ~ Superintendent Steve McCullough

    What Every Employee Needs to Know - Reminders

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    Link to What Every Employee Must Know on Website: