Raptor Report

March 11th, 2022


Para traducir el boletín, consulte la columna de la derecha. En accesibilidad, seleccione traducir el boletín y seleccione su idioma preferido.

Txhawm rau txhais cov ntawv xov xwm thov saib ntawm sab tes xis. Hauv kev nkag mus tau, xaiv cov ntawv xov xwm txhais lus thiab xaiv hom lus koj nyiam.

Riverview Grades K-5 Spring Concert-Learning Showcase

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Grade K-1 12:45-1:15

Grades 2-3 1:45-2:15

Grades 4-5 2:45-3:15

Due to limited space and having all grades present in one afternoon, we need to limit attendance to parent/guardians only. Children will bring home tickets for their parent/guardian (more info to follow). Next year we will be able to invite grandparents and other family members as we have in the past. We are working on a way to record and share the performance for those that would like to share with their family members.

We will be asking all visitors to clear the gym between performances so that we can be set up for the next concert. The multi-purpose room will be open for those parents that want to wait for a child in another grade to perform.

Doors for the concert will open 10 minutes before the start time.

No School Days

No school for students March 11th due to staff development.

No school for students and staff March 28th-April 1st due to Spring Break.

Read Across America Week

Riverview had a great time celebrating Read Across America Week. Thank you to everyone who helped, we could not have done it without you. It was a week of reading and fun!

Forward Exam Coming Soon

The Wisconsin Forward Exam will be starting soon. This is an annual state exam, given to our 3rd through 5th graders below are the dates your child will be testing this year.

3rd grade- April 18th-21st

4th grade April 4th-8th & April 18th-21st

5th grade April 18th-21st.

Mittens & Extra Clothes

Please consider donating gloves or mittens to the office. We desperately need more for students who do not have any.

Keeping an extra pair of clothes at school for your student is always a good idea too in case they get wet outside.

Upcoming Events

March 11th- No School for Students (Staff Professional Development)

March 28th-April 1st- Spring Break