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What is going on up at our Northeast Property?

Short Answer: We are putting in a cross country course. Our hope is to have it in this summer and to have a home cross country meet there in September. Also a hope is to have it open to the public once we have it complete, it really is a beautiful property.

Regarding long-term use of the property, our school board, in partnership with our Facilities Advisory Committee, will be reaching out to community members in the northeast sometime this calendar year to get their/your feedback.

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Social Media/Cell Phones - Superintendent Eric Sobotta

Parents, as a parent myself I fully appreciate the role that cell phones play in the lives of our children as well as our own lives. This summer, we have put together a focus group that will be looking at student behavior and discipline which will also include district cell phone policies. This is a multifaceted issue that includes a focus on learning, social connections, security, etc. If we want all of our students to be known, loved, and learning and we are going to maximize our ability to meet that "promise" to you and our students, we are going to need to adjust our cell phone practices and policies. If you have not already read this, I would highly encourage you to do so - we cannot continue down the path we are on as a society if we truly want what is best for our youth:

Social media use can be excessive and problematic for some children:

• On a typical weekday, nearly one-in-three adolescents report using screens (most commonly social media) until midnight or later.

• Studies have shown a relationship between excessive social media use and poor sleep quality, reduced sleep duration, sleep difficulties, and depression among youth.

• One-third or more of girls aged 11-15 say they feel “addicted” to certain social media platforms and over half of teenagers report that it would be hard to give up social media.



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Security Update - Summer Event

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let the community know that the Reardan-Edwall School District will be hosting a full-scale active shooter exercise this summer. We have teamed up with Reardan Police Department, Reardan Fire Department, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, Washington State Patrol, Fairchild Air Force Base Security Forces, Reardan Lions Club, and many others to put on this event.

Due to the sad truth of safety in this world, we are taking proactive steps to create the safest school around for your children. Over the last year our region has seen credible threats, bombs threats, hoaxes, and our nation has seen real tragedy. First Responders all over our region have answered the call and stepped up to increase training, communication, and readiness. This full-scale exercise happening on July 21st, 2023 is the product of all the amazing training that has already occurred this year.

If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer as actors or helpers, or help in any other way, please email me at

Upcoming Senior Dates

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Parent Sponsored Class of 2023 Parade

June 9th, 6pm

Come help send off our seniors during a parade through the streets of Reardan!

The parade will begin at the east side of the High School, travel down (west) Spokane street, continue up (south) Oak street, go up (east) Cottonwood and then end at the Elementary school.

Please join us as we send this class off in style!

Lions Club Senior Breakfast

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State Track Results

Emma finished 11th in high jump, Justine took 7th in Javelin, Jakari finished 6th in 110 hurdles and Gabe took 4th in the 800m, Richard finished 2nd in high jump.

Awards night will be this Friday at 6pm up at the track. We will serve desert and recognize kid’s hard work and accomplishments

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The PACE has talent show will be Friday June 2 at 6 pm at SCC in building 6 inside Lair Auditorium. Entry fee is a small non-perishable breakfast item.

Nutrition Program Highlights

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Center for Online Safety - Summer Screen Time

f you don't have a plan yet for summer vacation and the extra hours of screen time that's about to happen for kids - this workshop is for you. As baseball legend Yogi Berra said - "If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up someplace else." 😂

Reducing screen time starts with an intention, then mapping out the "how", then implementing the plan and adjusting along the way. It takes a minute to do this... but it's so worth it!

Want an hour to think this through together?

This won't be a lot of theory without the "how". We're going to get practical. We'll talk through real life situations, like:

· how to handle kids who say "I'm BORED" when screens aren't an option

· standing firm when kids pick fights to get you to reverse course and let them have more screen time to keep the peace

· helping kids set some summer goals to help them self-direct and focus on non-screen activities