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Reardan High School Senior Night, Kara Flaa - Office Manager

2023 Reardan Basketball senior night was held on Saturday 1/28/23. The gym was packed with family and friends to support our senior’s last home game they’ll play of their HS careers. These young ladies and gentlemen have made us proud of the hard work they’ve all put in the gym throughout the last few years, and we miss them dearly.


  • Grades will be mailed out on Monday
  • Please note any fees that your child has outstanding (will be listed on their report card)

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Options Students Raising Trout! - Amber Whitman, Lead Teacher

The Options’ students are learning about trout! We went to the hatchery and picked up 150 Rainbow Trout eggs about two weeks ago. The eggs started hatching last Saturday! They are now in the alevin stage - where the yolk sac is still attached to their body. They use this sack as a good source until they become little fry. The students are learning about trout, how to care for them, how to test water, habitats, anatomy and genetics! The kids will take the fish and release them in Medical Lake in the spring!
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Security Update - Brad Eylar, Director of Security

Hi Parents. Last week we spoke about where to reach out to report something. This week I want to talk about where to reach out if you need extra help. We are all human and sometimes need someone to talk with or some extra help.

If you, someone you know or love is experiencing a mental health crisis you can call the local Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline at 1-877-266-1818. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Or you can chat online at or text “HEAL” to 741741 to text with a trained crisis counselor.

These places are staffed by skilled professionals to assess, resolve by phone, make appropriate referrals, and or dispatch mobile teams or a Designated Crisis Responder.

Please, if you or someone else is experiencing a life-threatening emergency please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital ER for help.

Lets end the stigma of asking for help. Courage is asking for help, not trying to handle things alone.

Security Update - Officer Foust

This past week I have had many people asking if I knew any information about a facebook post that has been circulating of a woman in Airway Heights having fentanyl and ketamine put on her car. Airway Heights Police Department has looked into this and the post is fake. There is no record of this happening. But I want to remind everyone to please be vigilant of your surroundings and if you feel uncomfortable leaving a store, go back inside and ask for help. Fentanyl is a very dangerous, highly potent synthetic opioid and is the cause of many overdoses. Narcan nasal spray can reverse the effects of opioids by blocking the opioid receptors. For those wishing to order Narcan, here is a link to where you can order free Narcan and have it shipped to your house. get naloxone delivered for free</p> — The People's Harm Reduction Alliance (

Officer Foust

School Resource Officer

Middle School Update

Have you heard about MooShoo? He is a new “classmate” in our MS! Kristy Koch completed a grant this summer that covered the cost of MooShoo, our baby bearded dragon. He has been an amazing addition to our middle school, achieving rock star status. Moo-Shoo has been wonderful for bringing students to Mrs. Koch’s room for check-ins as he comes out of his home to visit in the mornings and after school. Elementary students have also been coming to Mrs. Koch’s room for “field trips” as they study animal habitats in their science classrooms. Mrs. Vincent’s second graders came to visit last week and had an amazing hands-on learning experience. Being able to interact with this tiny creature helps teach students traits like responsibility and empathy and he just makes learning fun!

SPHYR Club Update: Our SPHYR Club (Students Promoting Healthy Youth Relationships) is going strong! We have about 15 middle school students who are having lunch on Thursdays with Jaydin Ludeman from Rural Resources to promote building positive relationships between peers. Today they tossed around a beach ball with ice breaker questions to answer such as, “What is your favorite ice cream flavor?” and “Describe the qualities of your best friend.” They also completed a graphic organizer and talked about things in life that “filled their buckets” and things that “put holes in their buckets”. This is a positive way for our students to connect in a small group environment. We will keep you updated on their activities. Students can join this group any Thursday at lunch.

Recess Fun, Jen Colvin - Para Extraordinaire

I took this picture of the 3rd graders writing their names with chunks of snow. It seemed to be the perfect temperature that day for that to work.

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Elementary Updates

Parents please help out the Elementary Office Staff. We would like to remind parents that we are happy to facilitate changes to student’s after school plans. HOWEVER, we would appreciate that calls are made PRIOR to 2:30 p.m. We appreciate your understanding as we work to make the end of the school day less hectic for everyone.

Spring conferences are coming up March 1st and 2nd. Letters will go home with students next week. Look in your student’s backpacks. Remember, there are two ways to sign up for conferences; Conference Scheduler in Family Access or sending the conference sign up sheet back with your student. We are strongly encouraging parents to sign up through conference scheduler.

Report Cards for 1st Semester will go home with your student early next week. Please check your student’s backpacks.

Registration for the Reardan Renegades wrestling program are due no later than February 9th. Registration forms are available at the elementary office.

PACE PROGRAM - Jon Murkins

Today two of our pace students finished up a lesson on the Solar System as part of the wrap up they measured out 100’ and labeled each planet and the asteroid belt.
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Hooptown Basketball

Reardan Hooptown 22-23

WEEK-IN-REVIEW: Nutrition Pictures

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