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What is GEAR UP?

GEAR UP is a 6 year grant based program funded by the Department of Education and administered through the University of Texas at Austin GEAR UP Institute of Public School Initiatives in the College of Education. Our program focuses on preparing our students to be college, career, and military ready by the time they graduate high school. As a GEAR UP coordinator, I provide advising/counseling services, major and career exploration opportunities, social/emotional check ins, mentoring, and more! My goal as Fine Arts' GEAR UP coordinator is to equip my students with the tools necessary to be successful regardless of which post-secondary path they choose (college, career, or military). I am here to support them on their pathway to success and encourage growth to become leaders and role models for their community.

Meet Your GEARUP Coordinator!

My name is Natalie Hernandez, and I am the GEAR UP Coordinator for the Fine Arts Academy! I am so happy to be here and I am excited to get to know each of your kids! Just a little bit about me, I was born and raised here in San Antonio. I have deep roots in Edgewood ISD, as both of my parents and all of my tios and tias went to Edgewood High School. I was a first generation college student and attended Texas A&M University in College Station, TX for my undergraduate degree. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology in May of 2017. I then began working for a non-profit organization called Advise TX which focused on placing recent college graduates on high school campuses to serve as college advisers. I actually got placed at Memorial High School here in EISD and served my two year contract there, loving every second of it. I have a passion for college access equity for students of all backgrounds and socio-economic statuses. I love the students of EISD, and I am so happy to be back with the district! I am ready to get these students on the right track to beat the odds and have a bright future! My office is an inclusive and safe space for all students. All are welcome.

National GEAR UP Week

Safety, Target, and Reach Schools

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Test Prep Resources

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Student Success Agency

We have partnered with Student Success Agency to help support you!

What is Student Success Agency?

Student Success Agency is the first agency that represents teens instead of celebrities and athletes. We provide families and schools personal agents (college advisors) so students can receive advising for college admission, scholarships, and career success.

Please reach out to Ms. Hernandez to sign up!


Recorded Family Meetings

We understand that your schedule won't always allow you to attend our family meetings. We wanted to make the information we share more accessible by recording all of our parent meetings so you can go back and view them when time permits. Below you can view both English and Spanish versions of our recorded family meetings.
Gear Up Parent Meeting 9/3/20
Spanish GEAR UP Parent Meeting 9 3 20
GEARUP Parent Meeting 9/22/20
GEARUP Parent Meeting 11.17 Financial Capability
GEAR UP Parent Presentation Financial Capability (Spanish)
GEARUP Parent meeting 12.16.20
GEARUP Reunión de padres 12.16.20
GEARUP Parent Meeting 2.9.21 Student Credits and Choice Slips
GEARUP Reunión para Padres 2.9.21 (En Español)