The Steel Plow

By: Mackenzie W

John Deere, a blacksmith,invented the steel plow in 1863.

The steel plow was used to break up the tough Midwestern ground.The wooden and older cast iron plows were used for light weight New England soil.The Midwestern soil clung to the cast iron plows which sometimes caused them to break, so John Deere thought that a plow made of a material that wouldn't rust would make a good plow.He polished the two parts smooth, so soil wouldn't stick like it did on the other plows.The new plow was a success.

How did it change people's lives?

The steel plow made preparing the ground take much less work. More farmers began to move to the Midwest because of his invention.


1.Today John Deere is known as a famous tractor company.

2. The steel plow was invented in Grand Detour, Illinois.

3.The first one was made out of a old blade saw.

4.Steel was hard to find, so it had to come from Great Britain.

5. John Deere's company had to produce 1000 plows a year.