A guild to Survive

By: Emily Solis

Bring lots to eat

Bring lots of food to eat so you don't get hungry on your way through the Canadian wilderness

Bring lots of water

Bring lots of water so you don't get thirsty on your way through the Canadian wilderness

Make a shelter

Make a shelter just in case it rains so you won't get wet

Stay out of the sun light

Stay out of sun light so you won't get tried fast.

Tell a friend

Tell a friend were you will be for the next couple of days just in case you get lost

Wear the right clothes/Shoes

Wear clothes that you fell comfortable in ( T-Shirt, Jeans) don't wear clothes like dresses, skirts. Wear boots or tennis shoes so you won't get those new shoes dirty.

Bring a Safety-kit

Bring a safety kit just in case you get hurt and you need it

Bring a weapons ( If needed )

Bring a weapon just in case you run out of food and need it.

Bring a compass

Bring a compass so you know what direction you are going

Make sure you have all the supplies you need before you leave the house

Make sure you have water, food, clothes, weapons, and what ever else you need

Animals to stay AWAY from