Book by Helen Frost, Book Report by Maegan Norton

About My Book

My book, Hidden, is about an 8 year old girl, Wren, and an 8 year old girl, Darra. When Wren is kidnapped by Darra's dad, both girls' lives change. The twist is that Darra's dad didn't know that he kidnapped Wren. Darra helped Wren escape by taking her to the corner of her street and leaving her there. After that everything changed...

Later in their lives, when they are 14, they meet up again at a camp called Camp Oakwood. Wren was glad to come, but Darra wasn't. Darra was forced to come by her mom because her dad was in jail because he kidnapped Wren. Also, Darra's grandma had been there and wanted Darra to go.

When both girls learn how to play drown last, they get into a big fight. In that fight they tried to drown each other, and they hurt each other on accident. Later, they figure out they both did it for a reason, and Wren doesn't want Darra to go because Darra said she would leave if she didn't like it there, but she makes the decision to stay. They had a tradition to have rocks for everybody to write a complement on a rock they picked out. First they picked out rocks for each other. Then they passed their rock around the circle around the campfire. After everybody wrote on Darra's she felt special and not left out anymore.

Throughout this whole book Darra and Wren are trying not to talk to each other.