The Maze Runner

Cade Nguyen

One problem the characters had in The Maze Runner

One problem in the Maze Runner that everyone had to overcome is to escape the Glade. To escape the Glade, Thomas and his friends had to have trust in each other and a good relationship between one another. They need to have these perks with each other because that is the way they are going to escape the Glade. Its going to take team work to succeed their dreams of escaping.
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The Removal of a Character

I feel that one character that could be remove from The Maze Runner is Teresa. Teresa was the very last person to be send in the Glade and many were mind boggle of why she was the last one. All she did was bring back Thomas some memories of why they were their but none of those information were important to them escaping and plus she did zero work to help them escape.


"Its kind of hard to ask a dead guy what he did wrong" this means to escape the glade it is going to take trial and error, you will keep failing until you succeed escaping the Glade.

"You get lazy, you get sad. Start giving up. Plain and simple" This quote is saying that if you get into these kind of mindset, that you were not going to survive.

"WICKED is good" This quote is heard by all the survivors in the Glade and there's really no meaning to it, they are trying to escape the Glade and find out what it means

"I promised I would save him, take him home!" This quote shows the relations between Thomas and Chuck. Chuck told Thomas that her has never met his mom and Thomas promised him to get him out of the Glade and get him to his mom.

"I just feel like I need to save everyone. To redeem myself." This quote is showing us the guilt that Thomas is feeling because he essentially is the person that put everyone in the Glade and he wants to get rid of the guilt by helping everyone escape the Glade.

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Thomas, why do you want to be a runner? I want to be a runner because I want to find a way to escape the glade because I put them in their and now I want to get them out.

Mihno, why do you trust Thomas? I trust him because if I don't have faith in anyone then we would never escape the Glade.

Why does Alby say that it is Thomas fault? He says that because when he was stung by the bee, it brought him some memories that shows that Thomas was the person who put him in the Glade.

Chuck do you enjoy being around Thomas? Yes, he gives me hope that we will escape the Glade.

Gally why are you against leaving the Glade? I am against it because the Glade is our home our shelter and it is the place that will keep us safe from whatever is out there.

Newt, why are you on Thomas side? I am on his side because he is our first sign of hope in awhile.

Teresa, how do you feel about the Glade? I think the Glade is a great place but I know that if we don't escape it soon that none of us will be alive.

Mihno how long have you been running? Im one of the original survivor who was put in the Glade, Ive been here for many years and for those years, Ive been a runner to find a way to escape it.

Thomas are you scared of whats on the outside of the Glade? Yes i am scared about what is on the outside of the Glade but I would rather be scared then be stuck in the Glade forever.

Chuck what are you going to b=do when you see your mom? When i see he, I am going to give her the clay model I made for her when I was stuck in the Glade.

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Book Review

If you are looking for a book with tons of mystery and action, I would recommend this book! I enjoyed it heavily. It makes you very anxious on what is going to happen with the survivors and it shows you the relationship they had with each other and what they had to overcome to escape the Glade! The Glade is a maze that they were placed in and had to find their way out. They encounter many problems in the book but it shows you the teamwork they had to overcome it all. Overall, I loved this book and would recommend it to 13 years old and up.

The book started off with Thomas being sent off to The Glade. When he woke up, he was surrounded by survivors but he also had lost his memories. But later as the survivors settled him into the Glade he regains the memory of his name. Not knowing anything, Thomas was the person everyone has been waiting for because he was the one who essentially was going to get everyone out of the Glade. And as the book goes on, it tells us that Thomas regains a little more memory and finds out that he was the one who put the survivors in the Glade and to get rid of his guilt, he has made a commitment to himself, and that is to get everyone out of the Glade. With every goal a book has, there will come many problems and that is what this book had. Thomas ran into many problems; mentally and physically. He had to overcome it himself and or with his friends. And because of his will to overcome it, he was getting closer and closer to escaping the Glade.

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"B" Sides/Imports

Positive Elements

Thomas' leap into the maze was, logically, not the smartest thing to do. But his impulsive act of bravery turns out to be the right thing to do—the beginning of a positive pattern. When Minho is ready to turn tail and run, Thomas is determined to save Alby's life. And when a maze creature called a Griever bares down on them, Thomas figures out a way to fight back.

It's a turning point in the story. For years, the Gladers have grown increasingly comfortable in their green prison. Thomas dares question the status quo and suggests that they should be trying much, much harder to find a way out. "We don't belong here," he tells them. "This place isn't our home."

He's right. In a way, "this place" is a test. It's unknown whether the minds behind the maze want them to succeed or fail or die, but Thomas isn't concerned with that. He's determined to find freedom, even if he has to risk everything in the process. And eventually many of the other Gladers see that he's right, following his heroic lead.


My favorite character is Newt. This is because he is very kind towards Thomas, and believes Thomas even though people who went through the Changing said he was bad, and he didn't waver. Also, Newt still trusts Thomas even though he worked for WICKED. Newt is also very positive, as when he got news that he wasn't immune he didn't cry or anything. I was very sad when he died and begged Thomas to shoot him.

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“Thomas swallowed, wondering how he could ever go out there. His desire to become a Runner had taken a major blow. But he had to do it. Somehow he KNEW he had to do it. It was such an odd thing to feel, especially after what he'd just seen... Thomas knew he was a smart kid- he somehow felt it in his bones. But nothing about this place made any sense. Except for one thing. He was supposed to be a Runner. Why did he feel that so strongly? And even now, after seeing what lived in the maze?”

Quote from the author from

His memory loss was strange. He mostly remembered the workings of the world—but emptied of specifics, faces, names. Like a book completely intact but missing one word in every dozen, making it a miserable and confusing read. He didn't even know his age

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"I remembered things from growin' up, where I lived, that sort of stuff. And if God himself came down right now and told me I could go back home...If it was real, Greenie, I swear I'd go shack up with the Grievers before goin' back."

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The Blind Side


1- If I hit the guy right, I'll hit a nerve and he'll feel electrocuted. Pg. 17: This is saying that if he hits the player hard enough, he will not feel the same.

2- He looked like a house walking into another bigger house, he walked in the door and he barely fit through the door. Pg 41&42: It is describing house big he is when you first see him.

3- Don't worry where I am , I'll tell you when I get there. Pg. 18: He is saying not to worry about how his life is, when it is at a good stage he will tell you.

4- With men this is impossible, with God all things are possible. Pg. 48: This to me means that everything through God is possible, if you have the relationship with him, all thins are possible.

5- God gives people money to see how they are going to handle it. Pg. 68: This to me means that God is testing to see what kind of person you turn into once you get money and from there you will be looked upon by your actions.

6- I seen all i need to see. Pg. 95: This means that Michael doesn't need to see anymore, he understands what is happening.

7- Without uttering a peep, the kid had become the talk of the school. Everyone was frightened of him, until they realize that he is more frightened of them. Pg. 57: This is showing the definition of don't judge a book by its cover, from how massive Michael looked, everyone was scared of him. But on the inside, his feelings, he was more afraid of them.

8- Michaels main contribution before a game is to make the opposing team players see him and say "oh crap". Pg. 69: This means to me that before every game, Michael tries to make the other team intimidated of him.

9- If he is not top 15 pick in the NFL draft three years from now, someone done him wrong. Pg. 101: This is saying that everyone knows Michaels ability in football and if he is not in the NFL draft in three years, someone didn't run the right path with his life and his skills.

10- Memphis, not the most safe neighborhood. Pg. 70: This is telling you that as a kid, Michael didn't grow up in a very safe neighborhood.

11- Don't get out of the car. Pg 71: This is showing that Michael knows this neighborhood is bad and he does not want Leigh Ann to get out of the car.

12- No one in my whole family had never had a drivers license. Pg. 143: This quote is telling you that Michael wanted to be different than his biological family.

13- When a star running back gets hurt, the coaches worry about his gameplan, but when a star quarterback gets hurt, the coach worry for their jobs. Pg. 39: This quote is saying that some roles in football is more important than others. Some are very important to the team and some can be replaced by others.

14- No one on our team is even close to being that big. Pg. 73: This quote is describing how big Michael is, not even an NFL lineman is his size.

15- Michaels gift is that the good Lord gave him the ability to forgive. Pg. 89: This means that no matter who made his life the way it is, he will always conquer it and forgive that person.

16- The frenzy over the player who would become the most highly sought after offensive lineman in the nation had begun. Pg. 99: This means that Michael Oher is the most looked at player by every college coaches and nation.

17- Michael Oher fit as perfectly as any high school player they had ever seen the job description of NFL left tackle. Pg. 102: This is saying that with Michael's skill, he fits perfectly under the job title NFL lineman.

18- Michael Oher, by general consensus, the best football player in the state of Tennessee. Pg. 165: Everyone who have seen him play will say that he is the best football player.

19- Even if Michael qualified for college, without the elaborate support system she had created for him, how could he cope once he got there? Pg. 174: This quote is saying that if he goes to college and doesn't have her around to support him, how would he get through college.

20- I stopped it -Michael Oher. Pg. 180: This quote is showing Michael's relationship with the Tuohy family that when they got in a car accident, he stopped Sean Jr from dying.

21- I have no desire to go to Athens, GA every weekend to see my son play football -Leigh Ann. Pg. 181: This quote from Leigh Ann is saying that she doesn't want Michael to go far away from home because she wants to see him every weekend.

22- Leigh Ann had on her finger tips every pullable string inside the place. Pg. 182: This quote is saying that Leigh Ann knows everyone at Ole Miss that if someone doesn't treat Michael right, she will put a hurting on that person.

23- "Locker room, hell!" -University of Tennessee Football Coach. Pg. 188: This quote is showing you how badly the UT football coach wants Michael to play for his team.

24- Feb 1, 2005, Michael Oher held a press conference to announce where he intended to go to college. He faced a bank of microphones. Pg. 195: This quote is saying that when Michael announced his college to attend of how important that news was to everyone because of how valuable he is as a football player.

25- Deep down I wanted to go to Ole Miss. It felt more like home. -Michael. Pg 196: This quote is telling you that Michael wants to stay as close to home as he could.

26- They'd give him a life. Pg. 202: This quote is saying without the Tuohy family, Michael would not be where he is today. They gave him a second chance at life and made him a star.

27- Mama. that's me -Michael Pg.88: This was Michaels reaction when he had first ever seen a baby picture of him.

28- We are gonna do this the easy way or the hard way, you pick -Leigh Ann to Michael. Pg. 69: This is showing how badly Leigh Ann wanted to know about Michaels life and wont quit until she knows everything about him.

29- No offense but where do you get your clothes. Pg. 64: This is showing you how disgusted Leigh Ann is with Michaels clothes, but she is still willing to help him.

30- He was a blank slate. Pg. 79: This quote is saying that Michael has all the ability for every sport possible but when it comes to school, he doesn't know anything.

Top 3 Quote

1- I stopped it -Michael Oher. Pg. 180: This quote is showing Michael's relationship with the Tuohy family that when they got in a car accident, he stopped Sean Jr from dying.

2- Don't get out of the car. Pg 71: This is showing that Michael knows this neighborhood is bad and he does not want Leigh Ann to get out of the car.

3- Don't get out of the car. Pg 71: This is showing that Michael knows this neighborhood is bad and he does not want Leigh Ann to get out of the car.

Main Theme

The main theme in this book to me is that throughout the book, is that even though most of it is showing Michael's football skill and how every football coach wanted him. His relationship with the Tuohy family was more important. Without them and their support, Michael would still would've been just another kid on the streets. So the theme for this book is really "Family is blood and everything else is water" This means that blood will always stick but water will always run off. Just like your family, they will always stick with you and everything else is just temporary.

Book Review

So, I just finished the book "The Blind Side" by Michael Lewis. In my opinion, this book is by far one of the best biography I've ever read. This book is filled with emotions, drama and the right amount of action. This book is great for 13 years old and up because its not a hard read but it's also not an easy read, its the right kind of mix for readers who are looking forward to getting into a book. The way this book book is telling Michael Oher's life in a timeline is so mindblown, Michael Lewis did a great job telling the story to the readers without making it too hard to understand. The way he shows emotions in this book with the words he uses are also why I think this is a well written book. I would recommend this book to anyone but the way it is written, it is motly aiming towards the middle schoolers and high schoolers.

Reviews from Expert

"The Blind Side features two story lines, one traces the evolution of offensive football since the early 1980's specifically the way it reacted to the way Hall of Fame revolutionized the Outside Linebacker position was played. Thanks to Taylor's prowess at rushing the Quarterback, the Left Tackle(who protects the QB's blind side) quickly became one of the most important, and highest-paid positions on the football field.

The second storyline focuses on Michael Oher, who has all the psyical gifts that NFL scouts look for in the prototypical Left Tackle, the problem: can Michael make the grades necessary to play college football? We follow Michael on his journey from impoverished upbringing, to his enrollement at an elite christian school, where he is taken in by a white family, to his eventual enrollment at Ole Miss. Along the way, we are given a glimpse into the often predatory recruiting process that top prospects must negotiate. " -Mahlon

"The Blind Side is a book about a homeless teenager who gets adopted by a married couple who sees him on the side of the road and gives him a ride and a place to stay. While he is with them he grows fond of them he starts to attend a fancy mainly white Americans go there he only has a couple pairs of clothes.
He starts playing football but he does not have the best grades in the world, his major is protection. His adopted parents use that to an advantage and he become’s really good at the sport . The family loves him and he loves them. He is in a place where everyone loves him" -Jose Tagle