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Engage Your Class With Kahoot!

Online gaming tool to engage your class. Create a quiz or discussion that will work with a desk top, lap top, or ipad. To play and learn more create a free account at

Did You KNOW??

There are more active cell phones than toilets in the world today. There are more than one billion apps available. The average child has an attention span of 1 minute and 50 seconds for each app they explore. The new age for having your own cell phone is 5-9. Got technology? If not you are behind the times.

Three Ring

Connect home and school with digital portfolios for the classroom. This site/app allows you to share student work with parents in a private setting. It is easy to use and available on desk top, ipad, iphone, or andriod. Set your class up today at....

iPad App Review - Idea Flight

Idea Flight app

Google Voice

Don't like to give out your personnal phone number to parents. Create a phantom phone number using google voice. Set it up to notify you on your cell or computer. Parents can leave you a voice mail or students can call in reports.
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Amazing tech gurus share lots of useful information for educators about web 2.0 and current apps.