Lance's Ledger

April 20 - 24 at Central Elementary

Community Open House

Last week's Community Open House was well received. Several elderly visitors remarked how happy they were that renovations were completed in a way to keep the old with the new. One gentleman commented that the only part of the building that was Central when he graduated was the part between the library to the music hallway. "Everything else was added later," he said.

I want to thank teachers, secretaries and other personnel who helped make the Open House a success. Later in the week I encountered a couple who had visited during the Open House. Of course, they commented on how nice the building looked. What impressed me more was something they shared about their perception of teachers and students today. The specific comment was, "The teachers were so nice and they talked with the children (ambassadors) with such love and respect." The couple graduated in the late 1950s. Some 56-57 years later they still noticed how teachers reach out to children. I think that speaks volumes about what people hold near their hearts after they have been out in the real world for some time. Thanks to all who were able to participate in making the evening a memorable event for our community.

M-STEP Preparations Continue

Our third and fourth grades are gearing up for the start of M-STEP Testing which begins April 27 for Grade 4 and May 18 for Grade 3. I can't say enough about how committed and dedicated teachers are in learning the new test's protocols and planning the testing environment for students. A big thank you goes to our third and fourth grade teachers and Melissa Jones. Thanks also is sent to teachers at all grade levels and specials for your willingness to work with colleagues to rearrange schedules to accommodate M-STEP schedules. M-STEP Testing is definitely a whole building project.

This Week at Central

Monday, April 20
  • New Central class times begin: Start time is 8:32 AM / dismissal 3:27 PM
  • ACC Meeting 4:15 - 6:15 PM
  • School Improvement 3:45 -4:45 PM

Tuesday, April 21

  • Child Study Teams
  • Lance out of office until 9:30
  • Lockdown Drill #3
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences 4-6 PM
  • PTO/Supt. Lieske presentation 6:30 PM in Library (may move to gym depending on attendance)

Wednesday, April 22

  • Happy Secretaries Day, Anne and Michelle!
  • PD 7:15 - 8:15 AM in Library; Topic: Learning Targets/Formative Assessment
  • Lance @ Admin/ DESA CMC 1:15 - 3:15

Thursday, April 23

  • Lance @ admin. for Principal's Meeting from 9:30 - Noon
  • Volunteer Dinner and Musical at DHS

Friday, April 24

  • Parent teacher requests close

Looking Ahead

Monday, April 27.....M-STEP Testing begins for Grade 4

Tuesday, April 28.....PLCs

Wednesday, April 29.....Staff Meeting; Agenda: Supt. Lieske / Election information & how results District plan for future needs. Supt. Building visit from 8:30 -9:30 AM

Thursday, April 30.....Author Visit

Tuesday, May 5.....DIBELs Window starts

Wednesday, May 6.....PD: Topic is School Improvement; Tornado Drill # 3

Tuesday, May 12.....Fire Drill # 6

Friday, May 15.....M-STEP ends for Grade 4; DIBELs window closes

Recess Fun

Warm and dry weather brought about opportunities for students to have outside recess without coats last week. The hula hoops were out in force as were basketballs and lots of smiles.
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New School Hours Begin Monday. April 20

As part of the make-up schedule for Central we will begin adding five minutes to our day effective Monday, April 20. Three of those minutes will be added to the morning and the afternoon will be extended by two minutes. This means class start time is now 8:32 AM and dismissal is 3:27 PM. Likewise, this also means teacher report time changes to 8:17 AM and teachers may leave at 3:32 PM. Most of our staff is here earlier and stays a bit later. Therefore, except for the change in time for student instruction we won't notice much of a difference. We will keep lunch hours and specials schedules the same (except for M-STEP changes) and Anne will begin dismissal announcements two minutes later in the afternoon.

Our school calendar also changes to reflect Monday, June 15 as a full day of school; Tuesday, June 16 remains a half-day for students; Central students have full days of school on Wednesday and Thursday, June 17 and 18. June 18 is the last day of school for students. The last day for teachers is Friday, June 19 and it will be a half day. More about teacher check-out will come as we approach the month of June.

Teachers Make a Difference

Helping civilization move forward is one of the charges of education. The "teacher" in every one of us helps motivate and inspire younger generations to spread their wings and make their way in the world. Don't every sell your efforts short. Despite the demands of state mandates and all the other things you need to do the passion teachers impart to their students may be the motivation a student needs to accept his or her learning challenge. Whether you are a professional teacher or teach through your daily example you do make a difference. Please watch the short video from Carson-Dellosa publishing which celebrates the fact that you do make a difference.
Teachers Make a Difference