Thank You

2016 Cardboard Challenge

Volunteers and Donators

Parent Volunteers (an Aunt and a Grandma or 2)!

We can't say thank you enough for taking interest with this awesome learning project. Wait, sshhhh... don't tell the kids this is a learning project!

The next 2 weeks will be very busy when it comes to our Rube Goldberg Projects. We really appreciate you being the guide-on-the-side type of mentor. Having kids apply their ideas and even struggle a bit with how to accomplish them is some of the best learning experiences around. I hope each of our Young Engineers finds really interesting ways to make their simple task really interesting to watch. When we gather at the church gym on our Global Day of Play, Wednesday, October 5th, we plan to set up several tables as starting points for first stages of each project. If you have available larger or taller boxes that will support a start, it might be good to hold it back and label it as a 'starting structure' not to be destroyed or cannibalized for parts. We will cross our fingers that LARGE boxes like that can fit in our vehicles and make it to the gym.

More to come later about the Global Day of Play and our set up at the gym. Thank you again for helping to make this a terrific experience for every kid!

Donations! Donations! Donations!

Oh my, Toto we hit the jack-pot!

You have really come through with a semi load of cardboard boxes! Thank you thinking of this project and more kids than just your own. We have received some really enormous boxes and we can't wait to see what comes from them. At one of the schools we noticed that donations were coming in for the various materials that might be of use for the projects. Yea! I'm sure the Young Engineers must have quite a list of items that they need or would be fun to include in their project.

One item we are looking for to make into a tool is older hacksaw blades. We will snipped them in half and add a handle. This has been a terrific tool and we really could use a few donations so there are plenty for the groups to work with.

We have scissors, but could really use more duct tape or packing tape. I'm sure each group has their list of wanted items, but these are the universal ones for attachments.

Snacks for Tuesday build night.

We have had a couple of donations in this area, but if anyone would like to send in some yummy snacks, we are sure they will be welcomed! :)

Thank You!

We want to give a great big shout out to our principals for supporting this year's Cardboard Challenge. Thank you for letting us gather all of these recycled materials and take over space so we can dream, innovate and create!