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By Ami Bryan

Current Happenings

Tension in City-States

The tension has been building recently between the Athens and the Spartans. There is talk going around of a war. But war, some say, is not the answer. Kadmos, a philosopher, states, "Buildings, whole cities even, could fall. Everything would be shorted. Food, water, and soldiers. Many lives would be lost over this. But I trust in Athena to help reason the men to follow whatever choice she deems best.”

Others are for a war. "I have been given many prophetic dreams by Athena," Eleazar, another philosopher, states. "She believes that unless there is war, there will be no peace in the Empire. I have seen it for myself. We must have a war to keep the Gods happy."

There are many issues with starting a war, the biggest one being that both City-States are still recovering from the not-so-recent Persian war. Supplies are low, ranging from food to weapons to bodies for fighting. The Spartans though, are doing much better than the Athens, so if a war did occur, they would have the upper hand.

We'll keep you updated on how the war is going. Thank you again for reading the Ancient Greece Times.

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Sports Page

Changes in the Olypmics

The time had come yet again; the time to honor our great and powerful leader of the gods, Zeus. This year, 472 BC, is the first year that the Olympics will be extended to five days, instead of one. Philosophers that were previously in council with Zeus all reported that they had been instructed to do so. "Zeus said that one day was not enough to honor him by. Five days shall be the new norm, because Zeus, our mighty and powerful leader, decided so," said one philosopher. More events can be held in this time, and many more athletes will be participating.

The new arrangement and order of days:

Day one: The sacrificial day. 100 oxen shall be sacrificed to Zeus, and each athlete shall sacrifice something themselves to please the Gods.

Day two: The day of foot racing. Previously, this was one of the only events, but this year, it shall be given its own day.

Day three: Wrestling, boxing, and pancratium.

Day four: Horse and chariot racing.

And day five: Pentathlon.

All of these sports, except wrestling, will still require the oiling of the athlete.

Remember, no woman shall be allowed to enter the premises of the place the olympics are held. Any woman caught doing to shall be put to death instantly.

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Theater and Arts

New Theater opening; after the tragedy that killed thousands.

The Dionysus Theater is suspected to reopen shortly in a different location, owner tells us, because of a recent disaster. Many of the thousands of wooden benches collapsed recently. Witnesses say that they were all packed together, when all of a sudden the ground seemed to fall out from underneath them. For days, slaves and some wives and children dug the injured out. The law banning women from stepping foot on the property was temporarily pardoned, officials needed all the help they could get.

Experts have determined that the collapse was at the cause of the mighty Dionysus. Many philosophers have contacted him, and have reported that he said that he found the play going on at the time offensive, and the actors unworthy of the honor to play it in. The play writer has been put to death, and many actors that were performing that night have been put to death as well. Thankfully, all props and costumes were burned, and the play itself has been banned from being performed ever again. We thank Dionysus for protecting us, and officials for following Dionysus's word.

The new theater was thought to be coming out in 490 BC, but they've been having many delays. "We're making some improvements from the old theater," officials say. "To please Dionysus, and to please the people." The new theater is providing work currently for many craftsman. There are rumors going around that it will be made in marble, but some speculate that suggestion. "Marble is more unstable that wood, why on earth would we trade our goods for something we'll just have to rebuild yet again in the near future?" one citizens says.

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At a whooping 32 years old, Ajax lived a full life. He died of Gonorrhea, much like all of his 13 wives. He left all of his numerous assets to his eldest son, Protios, who is a star wrestler who competes in the Olympics. Ajax was, and always will be, remembered for his outstanding performances in the Olympics, as a runner in the solo races.

His 57 children attended his funeral five days ago, along with his 248 grandchildren. Many will remember the legacy he left, and many will honor his son Protios, who is quickly becoming just as rich as his father was.

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Gossip Corner

On Tuesday, Matthias traveled to Paeon's house. There they drank wine and spoke of how great Dionysus and life was. Matthias's wife stayed home to care for his children, and Paeon's wife was not permitted to enter the parlor. The two men got into an argument and neither are speaking to eachother currently.

On Tuesday, a woman was arrested for being outside of her husband's house's perimeters without his permission. According to her, she was going to her father's funeral, but her husband didn't permit her too, because she needed to tend his children. The fate of the woman is to be decided by her husband, but as of right now, her punishment is most likely death.

Thomas is wedding 11 wives in addition to his four tomorrow. His father was married to them all, but died recently. Being the good son that he is, he is taking them all under his wing, Thomas's mother being one of them. All of Thomas's brothers and sisters, and half brothers and sisters, are now all on their own. All of those children that disrespect or oppose him shall be put to death. Those children under three are permitted to stay with their mothers.

Shimon is in great debt to Pallas, and Pallas is having Shimon put to death because he has failed to pay. All of Shimon's assets won't fully cover the debt to Pallas, put Pallas states that it will be enough. Some view that his blood will be at better use to sacrifice, but Pallas says that the Gods may be angered if such filthy blood were sacrificed to them. It has been decided he shall be burnt to a crisp in a week.