Learning Styles



Verbal/Linguistic is referred to word and language. This person learns best by listening, saying, and seeing words If you think you would be a Verbal/Linguistic learner, answer yourself these questions. do you like to read books?

do you listen to and give oral presentations?

do you communicate through written and oral messages?

do you like discussions and debates?

do you like to explain things?


Logical/Mathematical means: reasoned, precise, accurate.

They like to

to conduct experiments

Listens to work with numbers

to explore patterns and relationships

Good at math, problem solving, and reasoning


Has lots of friends, likes to talk and join groups

Good at understanding people

Good at communicating

Good at meditation (resolving conflict )

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Intra- within

Personal- self

likes to work alone

reflective and self- aware



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likes to work outside

enjoys geography, weather, learning about the environment

good at categorizing, organizing, planning

interested in preservation and conservation

likes to work with animals

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