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Friday, February 10, 2017

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Please volunteer for our carnival!

The Symmes CANDY LAND Carnival is March 3rd and WE NEED YOU to make our largest fundraiser of the year a delicious success! Please sign up at the link below.

Carnival Food Prices

2017 Carnival Food Prices

Chicken Sandwich (Chick-Fil-A) $4 = 8 tickets

Pizza Slice: $3 = 6 tickets

Whole Pizza: $10 = 20 tickets

Milk $1 = 2 tickets

Water $1 = 2 tickets

Apple juice $1 = 2 tickets

Fresh fruit cup $2 = 4 tickets

Gogurts $1 =2 tickets

Carrots $1 = 2 tickets

Chips/Gold fish $1 = 4 tickets

Cake pops $2 = 4 tickets

Menchies Frozen yogurt with one scoop of one topping $3 = 6 tickets

Pre-Order your Carnival Tickets


Pre-ordering your tickerts means NO WAITING in line to buy tickets on Carnival night!

  • Tickets are used for both games and food.

  • Most children use $20 worth in tickets.

  • Most games cost 1-4 tickets.

  • Please, print the completed order form and send with payment (cash or check) in an envelope marked “Carnival tickets” to school with your child via backpack mail.

Contact Sunny Pitt at 216-312-4970 or with questions.

Order forms were sent home or you can click here to print the ticket order form:


Make checks payable to: Symmes PTO (Sorry, NO REFUNDS)

$5 for 12 tickets (Will cost $5 for 10 tickets on Carnival night)

Follow, Symmes Elementary Facebook page, or the weekly S’more Email Newsletter for copies of forms & additional information.


Here is what you need to know………..

  1. Raffle tickets are $10.00 each

  2. EVERY student that sells just one ticket will win a cool emoji bracelet !!! Every time you sell one ticket, you earn another emoji bracelet. There are 12 different bracelets to collect so KEEP SELLING!

  3. Students that sell 5 tickets will also earn a plush emoji slap bracelet!!

  4. If every single student/staff member at Symmes sells/buys just one ticket, we will hit a record for cash raffle tickets sales!!!!!

  5. The student that sells the most raffle tickets will win their very own…………….


  1. The second and third highest student sellers will go into the prize room the week of carnival and will pick out ANY prize they want.

  2. ALL the money raised from the Sweet Raffle Ticket sales will go to support the Symmes Elementary School PTO.

  3. Please return any tickets you do not plan on selling.

  4. All tickets and money must be returned to the school by Wednesday March 1st to be eligible for the grand prize drawing the night of carnival. Sorry, no exceptions.

Every ticket stub (the white portion of the ticket) has to be filled out and returned with cash or check (payable to Symmes PTO) in order to be entered to win the GRAND PRIZE of $1000.00!!! The winner of the grand prize will be announced the night of carnival and you do not have to be present to win.

NEED MORE TICKETS???? Additional tickets can be obtained from Jennifer or Joanie in the office.

The cash raffle tickets were sponsored this year by Menchie's Frozen Yogurt at Harper’s Point.

Please support them by using the $1 off coupon on the back of your ticket!!!

Carnival GRAB 'N GO SALE

Don’t forget to stop by to check out the

Symmes Elementary PTO blog for the 2017 Candy Land Carnival!

We are so excited to use this website to spotlight our GRAB 'N GO SALE this year.

You'll definitely want to bookmark this website and mark your calendar!

We will have lots of fun stuff for sale starting next week!

• This year, we’re hosting a SYMMES PREVIEW WEEK online – where Symmes families will be able to purchase items starting Friday, 2/17 at 10 am. We will then be sharing the website with the public on various social media sites - Facebook, NextDoor, etc. The PUBLIC PREVIEW WEEK will begin on Friday, 2/24 at 10 am and continue through Wednesday, 3/1 at 5:00 pm. Be sure to check the website early so you don't miss out on some incredible deals!

• From this website, you will be able to PURCHASE items during the Preview Weeks with our GRAB 'N GO feature. Just a heads up…some Grab 'N Go prices will be up to 50% off the estimated value of the item! You will want to take advantage of the online Preview Weeks and grab the items while they're still available! We'll have tons of stuff up for grabs - camps for the kids, adult health and fitness items, a few road trips, items for pet lovers, Cincinnati favorites, and lots of items especially for Symmes families! There is truly something for everyone!

• In order to make purchases during the Preview Weeks, you will need to have a PAYPAL ACCOUNT. This is a free and easy process! Directions for setting up a PayPal account will be included on the website.

• On the night of the Carnival - be sure to stop by the Gym to check out the GRAB 'N GO GIFT CARDS that we will have for sale! There is no auction this year!! If you see something you like…GRAB it before it’s gone! First come, first served! Another opportunity to take advantage of some huge discounts while supporting our school!

Keep an eye out for updates as the date gets closer! Bookmark the website, mark your calendar for Friday, 2/17 at 10:00 am, and get ready for some amazing deals!

Questions – contact Kim Hueil @!