The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

John Boyne

Story Elements

The Boy in the striped Pajamas takes place in Germany during the past. The main conflict in the story is that Bruno moves into a new house and he can see a consternation camp from his room. He meets a Jewish boy then later become friends.

Character Analysis

The main character is Bruno. Three words to describe the main character is brave, smart and kind. The character is motivated by his only friend Shamuel, his friendship with him is very special.

Them Paragrgraph

The them of the novel is to never let anyone part you from your friends. One example from the book is that Bruno always brought Shamuel food to eat. Another example is that he always gave Shamuel time to talk about his thoughts. A third example is that they always waited on each other to come. A final example that supports the them is they enjoy being with each other.