Visit Mesopotamia!

By: Rylee Beggs and Leotie Philbrick

Reasons you should visit Mesopotamia

You should visit Mesopotamia because we have very good soil to grow our plants and for the things we trade. We also have surplus of the things we grow. Another reason you should visit is because a majority of the people who live here are polytheist. We don't judge what religion you are. We have a temple called a Ziggurat. We have accomplished many things, such as writing, the chariot, the wooden plow, the wheels and much more. We are a city-sate, and the Akkadians formed the first empire. Most of the people that live here are farmers, which is why we have surplus of most of our crops. We have three main parts to our society. The Upper included the king, priests, warriors, and government officials. The Middle Class was farmers, traders, merchants, and artisans. The Lower Class is enslaved people, criminals, and people who can't pay debts. The women don't have much civil rights.

People who have visited in the past

People who have visited in the past have been really happy here. There is so much to do. There is making bricks, riding chariot races, and making pottery.

Leotie Philbrick and Rylee Beggs

We are very fun loving people and we welcome everyone who visits us