Counseling Psychologists

Skylar Krajca

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Job Description

A counseling psychologist is a mental health professional that works with their patients on mental, emotional, and behavior problems. They provide information and advice on how they can overcome their problem. They first assess patients and identify their main problem. They perform counseling sessions with them over a long amount of time. They will work one on one or in a group with patients with similar problems.

Working Conditions

Counseling Psychologists can work in a private practice, a hospital or mental health clinics. They will collaborate with other professions if they work in a hospital or mental health setting. If working in a hospital or mental health clinic, the hours will most likely be working to morning to evening, and sometimes weekends. If in a private practice, hours is up to the psychologist. This job does not require physical activity, considering most work is done at a desk with paperwork or sitting and talking.
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Training and Education Requirements

Counseling psychologists require a doctorate and a states license to be able to work with patients. Without a doctorate and just a Masters Degree, you can serve as a psychological assistant for a counseling psychologist. You must be trained in counseling and therapy techniques and instruction in mental disorders and health.

Personal Characteristics

You must be patient, observational, and have good communication skills. You must also be trustworthy and have problem-solving schools.
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Earnings and Job Outlook

The employment of psychologists is projected to grow 12 percent from 2012 and 2022. There are lots of jobs in the psychology field for people with doctorate degrees. With just a masters, the competition increases. Most with a masters degree can work in the psychology field as an assistant, but they can also find a job outside of psychology in business. There is advancement in the field because you can start working in a hospital and move to a private practice.
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