Charile Gordon

Cameron perkins/p.6

indirect Characterization

Charlie has brown hair, he is tall and his skin color is white the pictures can be found on pages 360,351,358 and 364. Charlie is like a sponge he want to soak up all the information he can. But the pages before the operation he has some big mistakes like spelling. We can see that he wants to be smart because all through the story like when he takes the ink blot test he says it dumb because he doesn't understand it. Charlies "friends" laughed at him because he is impaired and in the beginning he wasn't really sure why so he laughed along with them.

Direct Characterization

on page 347 he says that he is 37 years old. He is getting smarter not only did the operation help him but his teacher Mrs Kennan is trying as hard as she can to help charlie page 361. Some of the new words charlie has learned is amend and intellect that can be found on page 350 and 351. Also on page 349 he thinks he fails the test but in retrospect he did not because there are no grades on a inkblot test but he thinks he did because that is what he is use to.
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