Brain Research: Sleep

The importance of sleep.

Feeling sleepy and not motivated? You may not be getting enough sleep. Starting a sleep schedule will help you feel much better. Sleep is an important thing for the human body because it relaxes the body and powers the brain. Sleep is even more important when it comes to learning because that is when the brain is working hard and trying to store and process the new information. Here are a few key facts about sleep. Try to avoid technology before bed because bright screens trick the brain into thinking it's day time and time to get up. Going to bed every night at the same time will start a sleep schedule and you will feel much better. If you are wide awake do something relaxing keep the light low and go back after 30 minutes or so. Getting a full night sleep in a relaxing and quit environment is vital for the human body especially when learning new things.

In the article "Brain injury, illness and health" Steve Parker explains that the brain is the brain is most active when sleeping. The author also states that that people who snore are not dreaming. Steve also talks about the 5 stages of sleep.

In the article "What should I do if I can't sleep" it tells you some tips how to fall asleep if you can't. One example is that bright screens trick your mind into thinking its day and time to get up.

"What To Ace That Test? Get The Right kind of sleep" by the New York times gives facts about the brain like that when sleeping the brain comes out to play. In the article it also says that the richest dose of sleep is during the first half of the night, It is also called deep sleep.

Linda Bayer talks about sleep and insomnia in the book sleep disorder. She gives facts like that people spend a third of their time sleeping and that 100 million people struggle with sleep problems every night. In conclusion I think that this is an important topic because sleep is a vary important thing to have and many people don't thing about the need for it. In conclusion I think that sleep is a very important topic because sleep is vital to the human body and many people don't know that so we have to inform them of it.

Why Your Brain Needs Sleep

5 Facts

  • Stress can cause insomnia.
  • When sleeping the brain is working harder then when you are awake.
  • If you can't fall asleep take your mind of racing thoughts.
  • REM stands for rapid eye movement
  • Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise


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