9/11 Conspiracy Theories

By: Daniel Lux

Background Information

Who? The people of the United States but specifically the people of lower Manhattan, pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. Also, the Government of the United States and its military. Roughly about 3,000 people who lost their lives on that day. Lastly the airlines and airport in how they would change the way people would board on airplanes from that day on.

What? It was a plan attack by AL Qaeda to hijack 4 planes and two of them were to hit the twin towers. The other one hit the Pentagon and the last were to hit to White House but the aircraft was taken over by the passengers and crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. But some Conspiracy Theories say that the government did it to get involved in the middle east for the oil.

When? Al Qaeda took months and even years to come up with this plan to attack us. But the traffic event happened on September 11 2001.

Why? Al Qaeda declared a holy war against the United States because we got involved in the Gulf War and we were stationed in Saudi Arabia. That is where Osama bin laden was born and he disliked this very much. He saw this as disrespect because the city of Mecca is very important to the Muslim world. And from that say on he hated American and started a war against us.

How? Al Qaeda sent over terrorist who weren't afraid to do the job and people who wanted to do it. So he sent over 19 men to the United States and that is where they got their training to learn how to fly an aircraft. Only four of the hijacker were able to fly the aircraft the other were just as muscle to force there way in etc. So on September 11 2001 they boarded the airplane once they were airborne they took over the airplane and they carried out the mission.

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Media Coverage

One way the media could coverage this is from the Terrorist side saying that more Muslims need to kill Americans. And that they need to join Al Qaeda and stand up with the Muslim world to fight the holy war against them.

Another way media could pay a role in it is by saying that all Americans need to kill Muslims or start to discriminate against all Muslims even though all Muslims aren't bad.

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My Opinion

My Opinion is that 9/11 was not an inside job and that terrorist really did do this act. The Theories may have a valid point and some things do seem like they could be right, but I just could never believe that the Government would ever do this to our people. I do also believe that there is more evidence that Al Qaeda did this than our own government. What really makes me believe it wasn't the government is that there are voice recordings of the hijackers talking and how one airplane was brought down by the passengers of one flight.
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I believe this could be Historical Criticism because Christians and Muslims have been fights for ages and it have never ended and this proves that the fighting will not stop. And it doesn't look like it will stop because we have been fight since the middle ages about religion.
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