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Six Flags: Read to Succeed

We are participating in the Six Flags Read to Succeed Program. I know I might be sending mine out later than other teachers, but I was unable to reset my password on my account. I still haven't gotten into my account, but I convinced Mrs. Spyratos to let me add my class to her roster so my kids still get tickets for completing this! The forms are due January 23, 2015. No late forms will be accepted!

Dropping Off the Car Riders

Car Rider Drop-Off

Please remember that students cannot be dropped off before 7:50 in the morning. Car riders need to stay in their cars until the morning bell rings. If parents need child care services before school, they can call the Huntley Park District at 847-669-3180 x 316 or Martin Elementary School does not have staff than can supervise students before the first bell rings at 7:50. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, for the safety of all of our students!

Robert Crown Presentation- SAVE the DATE!

OnWednesday, February 25th, 2015representatives from the Robert Crown Centers for Health Education will be at Conley Elementary room C103 to give parents a preview of the LINDA AND MICHAEL PROGRAM that the 5th grade students will participate in on Thursday, April 2nd. The parent night will begin at 7:00 p.m. and is not mandatory.

The Linda program is a unique opportunity for a pre-adolescent “girls only” education about puberty. We discuss the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty and also compare the female and male reproductive anatomy. Robert Crown educators address secondary physical changes such as breast development, increased production of sweat and oil, acne, increased percent body fat, and the growth of body hair, as well as the menstrual cycle.

The Michael Program allows pre-adolescent boys to learn about changes they will experience during puberty. The “boys-only” format encourages open discussion about questions that arise during the onset of puberty. We discuss the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty and also compare the female and male reproductive anatomy. Robert Crown educators address secondary physical changes such as voice change, increased production of sweat and oil, acne, and the growth of body hair, as well nocturnal emissions and spontaneous erections.

Each participant takes home a comprehensive booklet as a resource. Booklets are available in English and Spanish.

OLSAT Testing

December 2014

Dear Parents:

During the 1st full week of January, 2nd and 5th grade students will be taking the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT). The OLSAT test for 2nd grade students consists of 3 short sections, ranging from 6- 30 minutes. The OLSAT for 5th grade students consists of one 40 minute assessment. All students will be given a practice test on Tuesday, January 6th and the actual test dates will be Wednesday, January 7th and Thursday, January 8th.

The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) is a paper-pencil group administered assessment that measures the cognitive abilities that relate to a student’s ability to learn in school. The test is designed to assess higher order reasoning skills involving analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of information across the content areas. By assessing a student’s abstract thinking and reasoning abilities, OLSAT supplies educators with information they can use to enhance the insight that traditional achievement tests provide. The OLSAT scores are also utilized by the Gifted and Talented program as part of the district’s identification process.

To promote your child’s best performance we ask that you:

· Make sure, if possible, that your child attends school on the days of testing,

· Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep the night before testing,

· Make sure your child eats breakfast on the mornings of testing,

· Remind your child to ask the teacher questions if he/she does not understand the test directions,

· Let your child know that you have confidence in his/her ability to do his/her best,

· Advise your child not to worry about the test – just do the best he/she can,

· Please send a healthy snack with your child for the days they will be testing.

In a few months, you will receive a report with your child’s performance on this test. The test yields a verbal and nonverbal score, as well as a total score referred to as a SAI. Information about how to interpret your child’s score will be part of the report you receive. We appreciate your support of our academic programs and your partnership in facilitating your child’s learning. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your building principal.


Michelle George

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

The November Top Bananas Are...Allison and Raef

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Young Author's Program

Dear Students and Families,

We are excited to announce it is again time for THE YOUNG AUTHOR’S PROGRAM! Young Author’s is an optional program for all kindergarten through 8th grade students that is completed at home. Participating in Young Authors puts into practice (in a fun way!) the writing process that students use during the school day. Students are welcome to use any stories that they have started at school as a starting point. The students who participate in this writing competition will have their books judged by a panel of volunteers. One book will be chosen to represent each school and registered for the state conference (see below). Here are the expectations for our Young Authors:

Ø It is the student’s responsibility to write, illustrate and publish on his her own.

Ø Books must be written by an individual (not a pair/group of students).

Ø Publishing ideas:

o half-inch binder

o report cover

o barebooks (not provided- available at or

o Homemade book binding (check out Pinterest!)

Ø Finished books are due on MARCH 6, 2015 and must include student’s first and last name, teacher and grade-level information in the book. THERE WILL BE A BOX IN THE LRC TO COLLECT COMPLETED BOOKS BEGINNING JANUARY 5, 2015.

Ø Please contact the Young Author’s building coordinator listed below if you have any questions.

Ø The building winner will be invited to attend the conference at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois on Saturday, May 16th, 2015.



Silvana Cantagallo, Heineman Middle School, Marlowe Middle School

Laura Brummer, Martin Elementary, Leggee Elementary (3-5), Conley Elementary

Christy Gibbs, Chesak Elementary, Leggee Elementary (k-2), Mackeben Elementary

Spelling Words and Challenge Spelling



























Vocab for the week we return










Greek and Latin Roots that will be Tested by the 16th of January

  • centennial
  • centimeter
  • centipede
  • century
  • decade
  • decagon
  • decathlon
  • decimal