Week at a Glance

"A" Week- March 16 to March 20

Data team meetings during grade level PLCs this week- in Tanya's Office

Monday, March 16- Denise will be back! :)

Pam P. is also scheduled to have her surgery today. Many positive and caring thoughts for her!

All Staff Monday 3 to 4- Special ed. collaboration/Individual reflection

Tuesday, March 17- PARCC Math Session 1

Tanya out of the building in the A.M. for Admin. meeting

Wednesday, March 18- PARCC Math Session 2

Thursday, March 19- PARCC Make-ups

7:00 P.M. PTO Meeting, in the LRC- Staff Reps: Susan and Kim Ryan

Friday, March 20- First Day of Spring!!

PARCC Make-ups

Laura and Tanya out of the building, at PDC

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Keeping the Standards of Math Practice in Mind...

Last year we took time together to "unpack" the math standards of practice- and learned that these were the ongoing habits that engage our students in deeper thinking about math. Liz has recently read an article that focuses on the third standard of math practice- construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

Here is the link to the short article, and please take a little time to reflect about this standard of practice as a part of your math teaching each day.

SMP #3: Construct Viable Arguments and Critique the Reasoning of Others

Formative Assessment FRIDAY

Student Engagement with Kagan Structures

As noted in Greg's Weekly What's Up, Kagan training is coming in August, in District! If you are interested, please sign up for two to four days of training through Greg's Kagan SMORE. I, too, will be attending Kagan training this summer, and we will have collaborative engagement as one of our ongoing PD focuses next school year.

If you do decide to attend the summer training, also please let me know, and we can work together to share our knowledge with Edgewood staff!

More Math Communication with Families

As mentioned in Greg's Weekly What's Up, teachers now can send home the end of unit tests, along with the student reflection sheet. Ongoing communication in regard to math units, and even formative assessments sent home, will help families better understand what the students are learning each day. This will be important for the rest of this school year- now that our formal parent/teacher conferences have all been completed.

Upcoming things to note...

Monday, March 23- Monday Meeting, 3:00 to 4:00 P.M.- Certified Staff

Tuesday, March 24- STAR Custom training

Tanya out of the building all day for training, Teaching and Learning meeting, and RtI Committee Meeting

Thursday, March 26- SYB will attend the DGN Outreach Concert

Friday, March 27- Last day of 3rd Quarter

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