Computer Hardware

Second Year

Hard Drives

A hard drive stores a PC’s operating system and its software. Parts move in a hard drive and it cannot store that much information. Examples Hard drives are floppy disks.

Solid State Drive

A solid state drive is the more modern way of storing the computers information it can store a lot of information and nothing inside of it moves.

Centeral processing unit

CPU is what is used when you click on something it makes calculations that bring up what you want. In a way it is the brain of the computer.

Random Access Memory

Saves information temporarily while it is not in use if there was no RAM in a computer you would have to save everything open to the hard drive which takes up a lot of space.

The monitor

The monitor in a computer displays information for the user of the computer to understand and see what they are doing and letting you know how to control what is going on in the computer.


Motherboard is the board which holds all the main and important parts of the computer. Like the CPU and the RAM. The mother board is the main circuit board. Everything is connected to the mother board

Imput and Output devices

An imput device is a device like a computer keyboard that puts information in to a computer. An out put device is something like a monitor which tells you what is going on in the computer and what you are doing. Another example of an output device is a printer because it prints out the picture of what is going on in the computer

Touch Screens

Touch screens are the screens on a computer or tablet that allow you to interact directly with the computer. A touch screen is both an imput and an output device as it gives you information and allows you to put infrmation in through the monitor.