Are you sure milk/beef is good ? !

General Knowledge

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Cow and Milk

Average cow can produce approximately 54 lb (6 gallons) of milk per day.

Average cow can have approximately 60-67% meat, and 40-33% of waste.

Now cow has closest populations to humans just because our milk demands.

They used 30% of the Earth's entire land surface.

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Amounts (Included all milk products)

-A person can have approximately 105.5 lb per day.

-A person can have approximately 28,515.2 lb per year.

-A person can have approximately 13,056 small cartons of milk (3,081,216 lb) per lifetime.

1.Consequences with 1.3 to 1.5 billion beef and dairy cows in the world

Do know a beef/cow can release a huge amount of methane per year?

-Approximately between 70 and 120 kilograms.

The methane (CH4) is 23 times more powerful than Carbon Dioxide (C02).

-Which means in the same weight of two greenhouse gases, methane is harmful than carbon dioxide and included the amount of beef/cow on Earth.

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2.Continuation of Consequence

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