Nasa Missions

Viking missions

Viking missions 1 & 2

Two identical rovers landed on mars in 1976 for viking missions 1 & 2.These 2 rovers were the first to to take pitures on this red planet.

when and why

NASA's Viking mission to Mars was composed of two pairs of spaceraft.This happend in 1976 to find life habit meaning could people live their?also to take pictures for the scientist to discover more about this superb planet.

Mars rover 1

Launch Date:August 20 1975

Arrival Date:20 July 1976


Mars rover 2

Launch Date:9 September 1975

Arrival Date:7 August 1976



The NASA viking mission rovers mission is to take high resolution images of the martian surface,find out about the atmosphre and look for evidence of life


These 2 space rovers were the first to discover the planets atmosphere,what it's made out of and if there is any life.tThe electronics used in this discoverey are to space rovers or spacecrafts