Cabeza de Vaca

By Arden Hutchinson

Cabeza de Vaca Essay

Without a doubt Cabeza de Vaca is one of the most famous people in Texas History . He was a Spanish explorer who faced many challenges. He crossed the Rio Grande twice when he couldn't swim! It is amazing that he made it . Also Cabeza de Vaca had to face the Gulf Coast mosquitoes with nothing but mud to help him survive. How did Head of Cow survive the trek from Galveston Texas to New Mexico ? Cabeza de Vaca survived because he had great respect to the Native Americans, he was a successful healer and was able to survive in the wilderness.

You'll soon discover why Cabeza de Vaca had much respect for the Native Americans. This Spanish Conquistador survived big dangers because he had respect for the Native Americans. Head of Cow showed respect for the Native and in return they helped him find a Spanish Settlement because if he didn't show respect for the Native Americans he wouldn't know how to fish, hunt, or even know if Indians plans are good or bad .(DOC.D) Also Cabeza truly cared for the Native Americans and was angered that the Spanish was enslaving Native Americans.(DOC.D) Cabeza learned about six languages and also sign language in order to communicate with different tribes.(DOC.B) Shipwrecked Survivor befriended the Native Americans and became a trader for them.(DOC.B). Spanish Explorer gave to the Native Americans and they trusted him.(DOC.D) As you can see, Cabeza de Vaca had much respect for the Native Americans.

You may be surprised to learn that Cabeza de Vaca had some amazing Survival Wilderness Skills. This Spanish Explorer traveled through many dangers because he had such amazing Survival Wilderness Skills. Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca ate whatever was available including snakes,rats, spiders etc. If he didn't eat whatever he could find he would die! Shipwrecked Survivor survived by drinking water out of hollowed out horse legs. Spanish Conquistador crossed a desert on foot during his trek across Texas and Mexico. All in all, you can see that Cabeza de Vaca had some amazing Survival Wilderness Skills.

Its incredible that Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca was a Success as a Healer. This Spanish explorer went through many challenges because he was successful as a healer. Cabezas reputation grew throughout the country as a healer. People treated him like a royal or a God. Veteran preformed an operation which removed an arrow located above a Indians hear.( DOC.C) If Cabeza didn't cure the injured Indian, the Indian would've died. Now trying to run away became easier because many Indians looked up to him.(DOC.C) As you can see Cabeza de Vaca was an incredible Healer.

To sum it up, Cabeza de Vaca traveled through many tough difficulties.But Cabeza had some great talents along the way like caring to Native Americans, having awesome wilderness skills, and being a medicine man. The castaway had awesome wilderness skills. Once he got fire from a tree truck by lighting to help him stay warm and keep away wild animals. Spanish explorer was very respectful for the Native Americans. After being trusted by the Native Americans they taught him how to hunt, fish, and do other things he couldn't do. Famous explorer also was a successful healer. Cabeza did an operation on a Indian who had an arrow launched in his right shoulder above his heart. How was the Head of Cow capable of recovering from the hardships of his trek through Texas from 1528 -1536 ? Cabeza survived because he was caring to the Native Americans, being a medicine man, and having awesome wilderness skills. I hope that you are convinced that Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca is one of the most famous people in Texas History.